Navigo pass on the iPhone! No annual subscription before… end of 2025

Yesterday, Apple took special care of Paris (and Ile-de-France) by adding information on real-time traffic within the capital in the Maps app, but above all by finally bringing the Navigo pass to the iPhone! But it seems that some subscribers will have to wait a little longer to benefit from it…
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The Navigo Pass finally available on the iPhone and Apple Watch

After months of waiting, the Navigo pass finally arrived on the iPhone, just for the start of the Paris Olympics. Since yesterday, it has been possible to add the Navigo pass to Wallet and purchase your ticket. Afterwards, users will no longer need to open the app to validate each of their passages, since all transactions are now housed in the iPhone’s NFC. In practice, it will therefore be enough to pass the iPhone or Apple Watch over the validation zone of the gates.

But, in the proposed list, we note that it is not possible to access an annual subscription. In fact, only users of a Navigo Day pass and a weekly or monthly subscription can validate their transport ticket via iPhone. People with an annual plan will have to wait many months before doing the same!

Yesterday evening, Valérie Pécresse – the president of the Ile-de-France region – explained that the annual Navigo will not be added until the end of 2025 -the Liberté+ and Imagin’R passes too. By way of explanation, she specifies that the annual nature of these packages requires another management system for Île-de-France Mobilités and Apple…

How to install your navigation pass

To enter your pass, simply go to the Wallet app, and press the + button at the top right > Add to Maps > Transport card. Or in the Settings app > Wallet tab > Cards and Apple Pay.

The Navigo appears at the top. By clicking on it, you access the submenu with the different packages. Then simply check the title to use or purchase.

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Once the title is chosen, the iPhone will display the General Conditions of Use of an iPhone for the purchase of transport tickets (good reading!), which must be accepted before making payment (totally classic).

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