prices at the pump in France this Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The panorama of fuel prices in France

Over the past year, fuel costs have been at the center of much discussion, and understanding these price trends can be crucial for French drivers. Here is a detailed analysis of recent developments and their impact.

Lead Free 98 (E5) and 95 (E5)

Unleaded 98 (E5) today sells for 1.964 euros per liter, marking a slight increase of 1.90% year-on-year, although last month it saw a drop of 1.60%. The Unleaded 95 (E5) variant, a little less expensive at 1.886 euros per liter, followed a similar trend with an annual increase of 1.30%. These increases reflect moderate adjustments compared to the much larger fluctuations observed for other fuel types.

Lead Free 95 (E10)

On the other hand, Unleaded 95 (E10) presents itself as a slightly cheaper alternative to Unleaded 95 (E5), with a price of 1.872 euros per liter. Over one year, it also rose by 1.60%, showing an overall upward trend despite a drop of 2.70% over the last month.

Bioethanol E85: An Economical Option

Bioethanol E85 remains the undisputed star in terms of economy. Sold at just 0.894 euros per liter, this fuel has seen its price drop significantly by 21.20% over the past year. This fuel remains a particularly attractive option for budget-conscious motorists.

Diesel (B7)

Diesel, the preferred choice of many diesel vehicle drivers, costs 1.733 euros per liter. It experienced an annual increase of 2.80%, fairly consistent with trends in gasoline fuels.

LPG: An Interesting Alternative

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is also a viable option for those looking to reduce their fuel costs. Currently displayed at 0.994 euros per liter, the price of LPG has slightly decreased by 0.60% over one year.

Tips for motorists to save money on fuel

  1. Follow the trends : prices can fluctuate quickly, stay informed using dedicated applications and sites.
  2. Consider the alternatives : With Bioethanol E85 and LPG offering lower prices, consider converting your vehicle for these fuels.
  3. Plan your purchases : Trying to restock during price drops can make a noticeable difference in the long term.
Today For a week Since one month Since a year
Lead Free 98 (E5) 1.964 €/l – 0.1 cents/l (-0.10%) – 3.1 cents/l (-1.60%) + 3.7 cents/l (+1.90%)
Super 98 (E10) 1.897 €/l 0 cents/l (0%) 0 cents/l (0%) 0 cents/l (0%)
Lead Free 95 (E5) 1.886 €/l – 1.5 cents/l (-0.80%) – 5.1 cents/l (-2.60%) + 2.5 cents/l (+1.30%)
Lead Free 95 (E10) 1.872 €/l – 0.7 cents/l (-0.40%) – 5.2 cents/l (-2.70%) + 2.9 cents/l (+1.60%)
BioEthanol E85 0.894 €/l + 0.7 cents/l (+0.80%) – 0.2 cents/l (-0.20%) – 24.1 cents/l (-21.20%)
Diesel (B7) 1.733 €/l + 0.3 cents/l (+0.20%) – 5.9 cents/l (-3.30%) + 4.8 cents/l (+2.80%)
LPG 0.994 €/l – 1.1 cents/l (-1.10%) + 0.1 cents/l (+0.10%) – 0.6 cents/l (-0.60%)

The dynamics of fuel prices in France show variations which strongly depend on the type of fuel. With the current economic environment influencing costs, motorists would do well to remain vigilant and consider less expensive alternatives to optimize their driving budget.



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