How many days without alcohol does it take for the heart, liver and stomach to recover?

Alcohol consumption has negative effects on the body. Organs such as the heart, liver or stomach can suffer. How long will it take them to recover?

Consumption of alcohol can be dangerous for your health: it is a toxin that can attack the organs. In particular, it can affect neurotransmitters in the brain, thus limiting the ability to perceive and react. Excessive consumption can also cause liver problems. The latter is, in fact, heavily used during alcohol consumption. In case of excess, it is no longer able to break down the drink and ends up storing it in the form of fat.

The heart is also impacted with a risk of potential cardiovascular diseases and an acceleration in heart rate. The stomach, for its part, experiences increased production of gastric acid which can lead to inflammation. Santé Publique France therefore recommends not consuming more than ten standard glasses per week, or no more than two per day. It is also recommended to have at least two days without consumption in a week. The best thing for the body is to stop all consumption. Abstinence can quickly show beneficial effects.

In reality, one month without alcohol would be enough to help the stomach, heart and liver recover from this consumption. The heart then regains a good rhythm, the liver is detoxified and the stomach recovers. This explains in particular the concept of “Dry January”, which follows the end of year celebrations, where alcohol consumption can be excessive.

Around ten journalists from the New Scientifist, with the help of the Liver and Digestive Health Institute at University College London Medical School, carried out the experiment over this period. The changes in the livers of people who abstained for a full month were actually visible after just a few weeks. In the people observed, fat had notably decreased by 15 to 20% after this period.

In another study, British researchers ensure that after just two weeks without alcohol, the first positive effects are already observable. However, it is especially after four weeks that a better shape, a strengthened immune system and lower blood pressure are observed. In the blood, however, you would have to wait six weeks to see the difference.

Please note, the benefits of abstinence from alcohol always depend on the person and the quantity of alcohol drunk by them before the fast. Stopping for a few weeks to get back on track is no guarantee of good health either, far from it. Sudden withdrawal is also not recommended for heavy drinkers, who must instead go to a doctor to determine the right way to stop.



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