The cost of the future Agglo hotel divides elected officials

The cost of the future Agglo hotel divides elected officials
The cost of the future Agglo hotel divides elected officials

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Yesterday evening, the debates were lively at the Greater Albigensian Agglomerate Council. In question, the cost of the construction of the future Hôtel d’Agglomération: €28.87 million.

Little by little, over the course of key issues, an opposition is formed within the Agglomeration Council. Yesterday, the project to create a town hall gave rise to lively debates.

All elected officials agree that it must be built for the agents and reduce costs. Everyone also agrees to establish it on the commercial wasteland of Cantepau. In fact it is the price and the way of proceeding that divides them.

To go faster, the Agglo decided to buy the building that a developer was going to build in the area. And to go through a sale in the future state of completion (VEFA). This allows you to be exempt from filing a building permit, studies, architectural competitions, etc. A time saving estimated at several months by the services. The price of this sale, “firm and definitive”, is approximately €19.5 million. The Agglo will then have to develop the buildings. The cost is estimated at just over €8.5 million. That’s a total of €28.87 million.

Price per square meter

It is this process which was initially called into question by the Albigensian left-wing oppositions. Nathalie Ferrand-Lefranc noted that no alternative had been presented. And asked “who was the opportunity in this market for?” Jean-François Rochedreux (Saliès) was clearer. He insisted on the price per square meter: €205. And compared it to other areas of Albi. €30 in Albipole, €89 for the Safra premises purchased by the Agglo at the last council. For him, this deal is equivalent to giving a gift of €1.7 million to the promoter. And remember that Cantepau is one of the poorest neighborhoods in France.

Gérard Poujade (Receiver) agreed with this. Despite his research, he did not find land at this price, even in Toulouse. Same thing for Elisabeth Claverie (Lescure), who did not want to approve this project because of its cost and would abstain.

Yves Chapron (Terssac), also put his finger on the setup and the real cost, even if he announced that he would vote for because “we owe this hotel to our employees”.

Pernicious remarks

Opposite, Gilbert Hangard (Albi) recalled that the areas in their estimate had not made any comments. He defended the VEFA, a system he had used as director of a hospital center. Roland Gilles (Albi) accused François Rochedreux of lying. “We cannot compare Cantepau and Albipole. This is the reality of the market price,” he indicated.

Michel Franques (Albi) denounced the “pernicious” remarks of the Albigensian opposition. “You are trying to cast shame, to spread suspicion. The way you act undermines our democracy.”

Bruno Laiheugue (Albi) recalled that it was necessary to demolish and clean up the area. He gave the price per square meter in Cantepau: €150.

The president, Stéphanie Guiraud-Chaumeil (Albi), insisted on the fact that the VEFA guarantees a price. She described this debate as “an artificial controversy”. In his eyes, this project will serve as an accelerator for the neighborhood.

During the vote, 11 elected officials voted against, including the representatives of Puygouzon and Marssac. Four abstained, including the representative from Cambon.



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