Festive day in preparation for the two years of the Recyclerie de Saint-Affrique

Festive day in preparation for the two years of the Recyclerie de Saint-Affrique
Festive day in preparation for the two years of the Recyclerie de Saint-Affrique

Good times will be shared to celebrate the good running of the Recyclerie.

Everyone at the recycling center on Saturday May 25 to celebrate its 2 years of existence and its expansion! “Recycling is becoming more and more successful. Saint-Affrique is empty on Saturday afternoons, they are all there,” enthuses Catherine Roumégous, co-president of the La Cyclades association (with Françoise Domec).

She continues: “We have been here for 2 years and we were starting to get really cramped. So, in addition to the 490 m² building we occupy, we are going to rent part of the neighboring hangar.” The recycling center will store furniture (cabinets, sideboards, tables, etc.), bedding (bed and mattress), construction materials and the clothing department.

“In addition, this covered area of ​​270 m² will be supplemented by a huge tarmac car park of 900 m². The surrounding structures were groaning because on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday, our opening days, dozens of cars parked where they could and sometimes did get in the way,” explains Joël Vidal, administrative director of the association.

Change of company

Second hand is in tune with the times. “People are happy to give and happy to buy recycled products, for me a snub to the consumer society,” feels Catherine Roumégous.

An opinion shared by Jean-Marc Robine, technical director. “We are witnessing a great dynamic taking place, a change in society.” Today, the recycling plant has three employees and twenty-five volunteers, ten of whom are regular. Joël Vidal specifies: “Recycling sells but also repairs what can be repaired. A retired watchmaker repairs watches at home, Bill repairs everything electronic, particularly HIFI systems, and Yves trimmers, drills and various electrical tools. A room is dedicated to reconditioning bicycles.” The strength of the recycling center is its location, a few dozen meters from the recycling center.

“People, passing by to throw away their bulky items, stop and drop off at our place what they don’t want to see go to pieces, a pile of tiles, a useless bucket, an impeccable box spring, CDs that they don’t listen to. more… In addition, we sort and donate parts ourselves to other associations, blankets to the SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals), the Red Cross and the Sainte-Africaine association Chats de la Sorgues, fabrics to an integration workshop, chipped dishes and plates for birds and wild animals.” A beautiful chain of solidarity.

Solidarity economy

The May 25 anniversary will take place from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and promises to be sublime. The public will discover the new spaces and layouts and much larger clothing and children’s (books and toys) departments. On the program: free workshops, “Small repair” led by Ali and “Old textiles to revive” with the Millau branch of the Snooz collective (registration on site for both) and a round table on the solidarity economy with the CPIE (Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives). At noon, the La Cyclades association offers an aperitif, hosted by the duo Clari’n’zo (jazz) while at 6 p.m., the Trio Loriot (folk and traditional music) delights the ears of the public before DJ Vince at 7 p.m. at 21h.


As for the catering, only good fresh and local products with the Le Lieu-dit association at lunchtime, which brings together people in market gardening training and its vegetarian dishes. In the evening, it’s time for innovation with Pauline Pops and her concept (she runs her restaurant, Chez Pop’s, 10 rue Gambetta), a rice base and guests choose the accompaniment. Everything is allowed ! Pancakes and refreshments all day long. Note the low prices and meals without reservation (limited places though).



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