Jordan Bardella believes that the German AfD party has “crossed red lines”

Jordan Bardella believes that the German AfD party has “crossed red lines”
Jordan Bardella believes that the German AfD party has “crossed red lines”

The head of the RN list in the European elections confirmed that his party “will no longer sit” alongside its German ally in the European Parliament.

Less than three weeks before the European elections, the National Rally is severing its ties with one of its European allies. Jordan Bardella, the head of the party’s list, confirmed this Tuesday, May 21 during a debate organized on LCI between candidates for the European elections that his party will no longer “sit” alongside the far-right German party AfD.

“The AfD with whom we had the opportunity to work in the European Parliament has crossed lines that I consider to be red lines,” declared Jordan Bardella.

As a result, his party will have “new allies following the European elections”. “The groups will be reset to zero at the end of the election and I hope that the RN can bring the largest delegation of parliamentarians to Brussels and Strasbourg to influence decisions in France and in Brussels,” added Jordan Bardella.

Comments on the SS in question

This decision was taken after “recent declarations from the AFD”, BFMTV learned from the RN a little earlier today, confirming information from Libération.

This decision comes after Maximilian Krah, head of the AfD list in the European elections and who currently sits alongside Jordan Bardella in the Identity and Democracy (ID) group, supported it on May 18 in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that an “SS was not automatically a criminal.”

“I will never say that anyone who wore an SS uniform was automatically a criminal (…). We must assess guilt on a case-by-case basis” estimated Maximilian Krah before continuing: “Among the 900,000 SS, there were also many of peasants: there was certainly a high percentage of criminals, but not only that.”

These positions of the German party are not new, but until now, the RN postponed the question of a possible break with its German ally until after the vote of June 9.

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