6 p.m. news – Turbulence on a Singapore airlines flight: what did the British passenger die of?

6 p.m. news – Turbulence on a Singapore airlines flight: what did the British passenger die of?
6 p.m. news – Turbulence on a Singapore airlines flight: what did the British passenger die of?

It’s a scene worthy of a disaster movie, but we’re not in the cinema. It was this Tuesday, May 21, on a Singapore Airlines flight between London and Singapore precisely. Suddenly, turbulence… “The seat belt signal came on. I put on my belt and there, the plane fell suddenly. Objects, things were flying through the air. I ended up with coffee all over me,” said Andrew Davies, one of the passengers on the flight, interviewed by the BBC.

“The turbulence was incredibly strong. I travel a lot, and I’ve had a few bumps before, but nothing that spectacular. I’d say it lasted two, three seconds, no more. And that’s when I turned around that I realized the seriousness of the situation. There was a poor elderly lady. with a horrible gash on his headshe was covered in blood,” he adds.

The accident caused one dead and twenty injured. We know more about the profile of the deceased. It is a 73 year old mana Briton, and he would have died of a heart attack, according to local authorities. The wife of this victim was hospitalized, like around thirty other people. Seven were seriously injured. According to a 28-year-old student, who spoke to the BBC, “suddenly everyone who didn’t have a seat belt were thrown onto the ceilingsome people hit their heads against the baggage cabins.”

The remainder of the 211 passengers and 18 crew members were treated by emergency doctors on the plane or on the tarmacwhere tents were erected to help them.

The company assured that it was turbulence which were not planned or predictable in advance. It happens, but very rarely. She offered her condolences to the family of the British victim, and the priority, she said, is to provide care and relief to all those people who were injured in this incident.

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