What to remember from testimony at Donald Trump’s trial

What to remember from testimony at Donald Trump’s trial
What to remember from testimony at Donald Trump’s trial

The testimony stage concluded Tuesday in the historic trial of the former American president. Ranging from Michael Cohen’s testimony to the possibility of a pending judgment, here’s what you need to know about the four weeks of debates in New York.

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Michael Cohen, the key witness

Donald Trump’s former lawyer directly incriminated the latter by supporting the fact that he had approved the payment to Stormy Daniels. He nevertheless admitted to stealing from the Trump Organization.

“Even if his testimony was decisive, the fact remains that he was not a blameless witness and the defense succeeded in perhaps creating doubt,” explains John Parisella, specialist in American politics at TVA Nouvelles.




His testimony lasted four days.

The intense and raw testimony of Stormy Daniels

The actress appeared for two days to describe her history with the accused. She would have had a sexual relationship with him in 2006, to which she consented, but she would have felt a “balance of power” with the man.

Nearly 20 witnesses in all

The prosecution called 19 witnesses, according to information from Agence France-Presse (AFP). Hundreds of documents were also submitted, ranging from emails to simple SMS messages.

Among the defense witnesses, lawyer Robert Costello revealed electronic messages at the hearing showing that he had approached Michael Cohen in 2018.

Donald Trump will not testify

Although the accused had assured before the start of the trial that he would testify, he ultimately decided not to do so.

According to the AFP, such a decision could come from the fact that he wishes to avoid fierce cross-examination from the prosecution.

Trump attacked the justice system

In a video he shared on social media, Donald Trump said that “what’s unfortunate about this trial is that the eyes of the whole world are on New York, and it’s not for the right reasons. reasons”.




He adds that “we cannot rely on a judge who finds himself in a conflict situation. We cannot accept this kind of situation. This affects our entire justice system.”

He will have done like in the 2020 elections, after the victory of Joe Biden, where he questioned the integrity of the votes. This is victimization, according to Mr. Parisella: “justice would be against him.”

Possibility of a pending judgment

According to John Parisella, all options are possible, even that of a suspended judgment. This means that the judge considers that the alleged facts have been established, but that he suspends the pronouncement of the conviction for a specific period.

The president would declare a victory in a case like this, according to the specialist.

Despite the testimonies that were not in his favor, Donald Trump lost only a few points in the polls on voting intentions for the 2024 presidential election.

Congressional Republicans continue to encourage Mr. Trump. “There is a feeling that he might get away with it,” Mr. Parisella suggests.

It is a jury made up of 12 people who will determine the fate of Donald Trump over the coming weeks. The former president faces 34 accounting falsifications linked to the payment of $130,000 to the porn star.

For him to be officially guilty, the unanimity of the jurors will be required.

Watch the full interview in the video above.



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