follow the debate between the eight main list leaders on LCI

follow the debate between the eight main list leaders on LCI
follow the debate between the eight main list leaders on LCI

Raphaël Glucksmann prepares a “call for resistance” against the European extreme right

The head of the PS-Place publique list, Raphaël Glucksmann, will launch Thursday in Paris, in the presence of the Dutch socialist Frans Timmermans, a “call for resistance against the European extreme right », announced his campaign spokespersons on Tuesday.

This “call from Paris”, supported by “several European social democrats” who are in the process of signing it, aims to remind “ our fundamental principles: We will not give up on the far right. There will be no possible alliance or collusion”explained MEP Aurore Lalucq during a press briefing.

Raphaël Glucksmann, given third in the polls in France, and Frans Zimmermans will hold a joint press conference at 2:30 p.m. at the PS-Place publique campaign headquarters, where they will present a “solid and coherent socialist alternative to confront the rise of extremes”. “We will rebuild dikes, where Renaissance is not playing a duel with the extreme right, but a duo”added Mme Lalucq.

She notably criticized the head of the presidential majority list, Valérie Hayer, also president of the centrist Renew group within the European Parliament, who would be “unable to say that we must exclude” the Dutch liberals who “will put the far right in power in the Netherlands”.

Valérie Hayer, however, affirmed on Tuesday that the Dutch liberals, who have formed an alliance with the far-right PVV party as part of a government agreement, will not be able to continue to sit within Renew.

However, the Macronist MEP is waiting “to have a discussion with all the members of the group” Renew on June 10 the day after the elections, “in accordance with the group’s statutes”.

“We don’t have to wait until June 10”, blasted Aurore Laluq on Tuesday. The socialist Frans Timmermans, former vice-president of the European Commission, is one of those who denounce this government agreement.

“We cannot say that we are fighting the extreme right and promote it through a debate”, added Pierre Jouvet, secretary general of the PS and candidate on the list, denouncing the debate which is to take place Thursday evening between the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, and the head of the National Rally list, Jordan Bardela.

The Socialists have also officially contacted the audiovisual regulator Arcom about this debate, seeing it as a “fundamental democratic problem” less than three weeks before the European elections.



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