The American agency AP announces that its live video on Gaza has been cut by Israel

The American agency AP announces that its live video on Gaza has been cut by Israel
The American agency AP announces that its live video on Gaza has been cut by Israel

The American news agency Associated Press announced Tuesday May 21, 2024 that its live video on Gaza had been cut by Israel, which accuses it of violating a law which allowed the Israeli authorities to ban and close the Qatari television channel Al- Jazeera on their territory.

A new Israeli law

“The Associated Press denounces in the strongest possible terms the action of the Israeli government to close our live broadcast” which showed Gaza, and “the seizure of our equipment”indicates the agency in a press release which attributes this decision to “misuse by the Israeli government” of the law passed at the beginning of April which makes it possible to prohibit the broadcast in Israel of foreign media that undermine the security of the State.

AP said authorities seized his camera as well as his broadcast equipment.

At the same time, in its report of the facts, the agency specifies that the Qatari channel is one of the thousands of customers of video streams sent live by the agency.

It said officials from the Israeli Communications Ministry arrived Tuesday afternoon at the AP site in Sderot, southern Israel, and seized the equipment.

The news agency says officials handed the AP a paper, signed by Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi, alleging it violated the country’s new law on foreign broadcasting.

“We urge the Israeli authorities to return our equipment and allow us to restore our live broadcast immediately, so that we can continue to provide” these images “important to thousands of media outlets around the world”, continues AP in its press release.

” Warnings “

The Israeli Ministry of Communications, for its part, indicated in a statement that “AP photographers regularly photograph the Gaza Strip from the balcony of a house in Sderot”on the edge of Palestinian territory, “including focusing on the activities of soldiers [israéliens] and where they are.

Israeli military censorship prohibits the publication of images or information that could lead to the location of Israeli soldiers or military installations.

“The Israeli government has decided that it will not allow the Al-Jazeera channel, which supports the terrorist Hamas, to broadcast from Israel”the text then says.

“Despite warnings from Ministry of Communications inspectors that they were breaking the law and should stop feeding Al-Jazeera their content […]they continued to do it »adds the ministry about AP.

The White House “concerned”

The White House spokesperson ruled Tuesday “obviously worrying” that Israel cut off the live video of the American agency AP on Gaza. “We will look into it”declared Karine Jean-Pierre.

For several years, Israeli authorities have publicly criticized Al-Jazeera’s coverage of news in Israel and the Palestinian Territories where the channel has correspondents.

The Israeli Parliament passed at the beginning of April a law allowing the broadcasting in Israel of foreign media that undermine state security – a text targeting the Qatari channel – which allows the Prime Minister to ban the broadcast of the media targeted and close its offices.

Benyamin Netanyahu relied on this text on May 5 to announce the closure of Al-Jazeera, for a renewable period of 45 days.

Benjamin Netanyahu has in the past accused Al-Jazeera of being “a propaganda organ of Hamas and having actively participated” to the bloody attack carried out on October 7 by the Palestinian movement in southern Israel.



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