“we did not protect her” for the sister of Yasemin Cetindag, killed in 2020

“we did not protect her” for the sister of Yasemin Cetindag, killed in 2020
“we did not protect her” for the sister of Yasemin Cetindag, killed in 2020

The trial of Savas.O, accused of the murder of Yasemin Cetindag, mother of his 4 children, in December 2020 begins this Tuesday, May 21 at the Bas-Rhin Assize Court, in Strasbourg. On this occasion, the victim’s sister, Leyla Cetindag, spoke to warn of the “failings” of the police and justice with regard to feminicides.

The trial of Yasemin Cetindag’s ex-spouse, accused of having killed her in December 2020, will take place from this Tuesday, May 21 at the Bas-Rhin Assize Court, in Strasbourg. Her sister, Leyla Cetindag, has regularly spoken out since the tragedy to denounce the inaction of the authorities despite Yasemin’s multiple alerts before her death. She speaks again ahead of the trial.

Why did you decide to speak just before the trial?

It’s very hard for my mother. For my father too, and the children who no longer have a mother. A whole family is broken. Anxiety mounts with the approaching trial. Everything makes me think again about what happened. I think it’s good to talk about it again to make it clear that we don’t forget.

Your sister’s body was found in the forest of Vendenheim, several days after her disappearance. At the time, it was a shock to you. But at the same time, you said that you expected, somewhere, that it would end badly. Why ?

I wasn’t at home that day, my mother was looking after the children. But when we didn’t hear back during the day, we suspected there had been a problem. This is because he had been violent with her before. She always said she hoped nothing bad would happen because he was the father of her children, but she was scared, that’s for sure. So when she didn’t answer the phone that day, I understood that perhaps he had done the irreparable thing.

Your sister has in fact filed four complaints, some of which were withdrawn, and thirteen complaints. You expressed your anger at the time. Against justice, against the police. Is this anger still there?

She didn’t leave. Every day I tell myself that things could have happened differently. My sister didn’t have a serious phone call, for example. Things could have been put in place, and those things were not done. For me, we didn’t protect her. It’s as if there was no follow-up to his words.

You plan to file a complaint against the State. Why ?

For failure to assist a person in danger. This is my fight. I express my pain like this. For me, the fight is not over, and even after the trial, I don’t know if it will really be over.

What do you expect from this trial?

I’m waiting for him to pay, first, even if it will never be enough. I would like him to speak too, because I understood that if he wanted to, he could not speak. If he doesn’t want to talk, it will be even worse.

You say that the accused premeditated this murder. He denies it. He remains presumed innocent.

I would like to know. Why December 23? For me, he knew what he wanted to do, he kept saying he wanted to kill her. That day, the 23rd, was well defined. It was Christmas Eve, he knew it was an important time for the whole family.

Since the tragedy, you have engaged in a fight to defend women victims of domestic violence. For what?

Because it makes me angry, because I tell myself that this is not moving forward. When the culprits end up in prison, they get out one day. I have the impression that in everyone’s eyes, it has become commonplace. The laws do not change. And that makes me even more angry.



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