“I lost almost all my fingers…” Victim of a serious accident, Paul rebuilds his life thanks to his loved ones

“I lost almost all my fingers…” Victim of a serious accident, Paul rebuilds his life thanks to his loved ones
“I lost almost all my fingers…” Victim of a serious accident, Paul rebuilds his life thanks to his loved ones

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A young entrepreneur from Carmaux, Paul Rey, suffered a work accident last month causing him to lose a large part of his right hand. His loved ones mobilized through an online fundraiser to support him in his relearning of life.

A few seconds of inattention during the working day. It was enough to change his life forever. Aged 28, Paul Rey, manager of Bouillette Tarnaise in Carmaux, must today learn to live with one less hand.

On April 26, the young entrepreneur was working in his workshop located in the city center of the mining town, when a machine grabbed his right hand. He was making bait for carp sport fishing. This has been the core of his activity since the launch of his business in 2017.

His wife Jenny, present at the workshop on the day of the accident, reacted immediately. “She looked after me throughout, gave me first aid… Without her, I don’t know if I would have gotten through it” confides the young man. The emotion remains palpable in his voice. Even though several weeks have passed, his partner also remains lastingly marked by the accident. But we have to bounce back. Paul and Jenny are the young parents of a little boy, Maylon, aged just 20 months.

“We can quickly get dark”

Fortunately, the couple was able to count on the support of those around them. His family and friends quickly set up an online fundraiser to help them pay the numerous costs generated by the accident: operations not covered by Social Security, the costs of his business which he had to leave aside for now…

“Paul is fighting to move forward. He is strong and very courageous. His activity is temporarily stopped,” underlines the description of this prize pool which has already collected more than €2,800. Enough to “help him get through this difficult period and contribute to medical and rehabilitation costs but also to the adaptation of his daily life”, we can still read on the Leetchi website.

“I thank all my loved ones from the bottom of my heart. In other circumstances, without all this support, we can quickly become depressed.” After ten days of hospitalization at the Purpan University Hospital, a relearning of life begins: “I lost a large part of my palm, almost all the fingers… I only have one phalanx left. implies a step backwards on all levels: I can no longer drive a manual car, for example.”

“I was right-handed, we’ll have to relearn”

In addition to daily care, the young man will have to get used to the installation of a prosthesis in the form of pliers. The latter, however, will not be able to solve everything: “I was right-handed, now I will have to learn to become ambidextrous if I want to continue working.”

Because for Paul Rey, there is no question of letting go of a company that took him 7 years to grow. “It’s a bit like my second baby. Even if the future is uncertain due to my new situation, it’s impossible to part with it after so much effort” he says in a trembling voice but determined. Another thing he will have to reinvent.

Link to the prize pool launched by those close to Paul Rey here.


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