Girondins4Ever opinion of me, but you are only 45 minutes with me per week”

At a press conference after Bordeaux-Pau, the Girondins coach, Albert Rieraspent a few minutes reminding reporters that they might have an opinion on him, but that they didn’t really know him.

“When I speak for 10-15 minutes, sometimes 45 minutes in a press conference, you don’t know me. You know me 45 minutes. But here (in front of the media) I sometimes send a message that perhaps you don’t understand, but my players understand it. Tomorrow morning, they will tell me ‘coach, I know why you said that’ (smile). This is what I’m looking for, and I need this. The reason I say that is because you may have an opinion of me, but you’re only with me for 45 minutes a week. My players are with me for I don’t know how many hours. They know me well. Ask them, I give everything to my players. All. And I remind you, I am not perfect, but my players can talk about me. They can give an opinion. I don’t know which one it will be, but they can give an opinion. Someone who spends 10-15 minutes with me, who listens to me once a week… Of course you can have an opinion, but it’s not the best opinion.

Transcription Girondins4Ever



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