Discover “Truth or Drink” and Make Unforgettable Encounters!

Are you single in Bordeaux and looking for an original evening to meet new people? Don’t miss this special Singles Apéro with the “Truth or Drink” discussion game! Inspired by a success across the Atlantic, this game is coming to France thanks to Apéro du Jeudi and Atalia editions.

Date: Thursday May 23, from 7:30 p.m.
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Special singles meetings in Bordeaux

What is “Truth or Drink”?

“Truth or Drink” is a discussion game that offers you unusual, funny, and sometimes a little naughty questions to break the ice and start memorable conversations. Whether you are single or not, alone or with friends, come and have fun in a cozy setting facing the Garonne, in the heart of Bordeaux.

Why Participate?

This party is perfect for Bordeaux singles aged 30 to 50, although all ages are welcome. Here’s what awaits you:

  • A New and Exciting Discussion Game: The “Truth or Drink” game is designed to raise interesting topics for discussion and get to know each other in a fun way.
  • Meetings and Laughter Guaranteed: Like speed dating, but more fun! You will have the opportunity to chat with several people while sharing tapas or aperitif boards.
  • Friendly atmosphere : Enjoy a new cozy wine bar with a magnificent view of the Garonne.
  • Drink Included: Your entry includes a drink (wine, beer or soft drink of your choice).

Evening Details:

  • Date : Thursday May 23
  • Hour : From 7:30 p.m.
  • Place : A new cozy wine bar facing the Garonne, in the heart of Bordeaux
  • Rate : 15€/woman and 17€/man in pre-sale with a drink included, +3€ the same day.

What awaits you:

  • Participants: 20 to 40 singles aged 30 to 50 (with ages below and above welcome)
  • Gaming Tables: Several animated tables to facilitate meetings
  • Organization : Seating at a table, changing regularly to meet as many people as possible
  • Terrace : Sip a drink on the terrace if the weather permits

How to Book?

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In summary :

Come alone or with friends, and prepare for an evening full of laughter, discussions and meeting new people. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to participate in an aperitif meeting in Bordeaux, complete with the “Truth or Drink” game for authentic and fun exchanges.

Date: Thursday May 23, from 7:30 p.m.
Rate : 15€/woman and 17€/man in pre-sale (with drink included), +3€ the same day
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Come in large numbers for this unforgettable evening and meet people who could change your life.



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