rumors suggest a price increase

It is the last representative of a long-gone aesthetic era at Apple, and its successor could change everything – starting with its “affordable” label.

We allow ourselves the use of quotation marks, because the iPhone SE of 2022 already showed major technical shortcomings at the time, which made its quality-price ratio (it was launched at €529) questionable. But Apple’s future mid-range smartphone could raise the stakes even further.

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A price around €600

According to rumors from the informant Revegnus on launch of the current model. A slightly baroque price, which will probably be adjusted to €589, or even €599 if the rumor is true.

It must be said that the market has evolved a lot since 2022, and that most smartphone manufacturers have passed on the logistical difficulties linked to the war in Ukraine in their selling prices, revised upwards. Apple is, however (surprisingly) an exception, since it lowered its prices between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 15 released last September.

But nothing says that the iPhone SE will benefit from this largesse. In this case, the new features that we can expect on this new model allow us to easily imagine a price close to €600.

A rebranded iPhone 14?

If previous rumors estimated that the iPhone SE 4 could borrow its design from the iPhone Xr, this would no longer be relevant. According to updated indiscretions, it is indeed the iPhone 14 which would now be in the crosshairs.

A more modern design, but which would in fact abandon the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and which would make the compact smartphone undergo a growth treatment which might not be to everyone’s taste (the iPhone SE has a screen 4.7″ versus 6.1″ for the iPhone 14).

The iPhone 14.©Pierre Crochart/L’Éclaireur

Of course, this radical change would be accompanied by welcome additions including an OLED screen, a USB-C port and even an action button borrowed from the iPhone 15.

Apple still has time to prepare the release of its “affordable” iPhone, which is not scheduled before spring 2025 at the earliest.



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