A $70,000 AI chip?! The price of Nvidia Blackwell shakes the industry

A $70,000 AI chip?! The price of Nvidia Blackwell shakes the industry
A $70,000 AI chip?! The price of Nvidia Blackwell shakes the industry

Nvidia has just announced the price of its Blackwell chip. The award is not for everyone. And that’s just a snapshot, because server racks cost millions of dollars.

AI chips 30 times faster than previous versions. Yes, that’s the performance of Nvidia’s Blackwell models. Unveiled during GTC 2024, this chip will be the springboard for innovation in the field of artificial intelligence. But there is only one drawback for some customers: its price. For those who are not familiar with it, the cost of this component is considerable. But for specialists in the field, the price of Blackwell chips is completely reasonable. Know everything.

A $70,000 AI chip is the price of the new Nvidia Blackwell

HSBC analysts have estimated the price of these powerful chips. Their conclusion is unanimous. Indeed, those interested must pay approximately $70,000 to get Nvidia Blackwell.

However, the chip will not be sold separately. He will be delivered in batch CPU + GPU to customers. It’s the famous chip GB200. In addition, Nvidia plans to opt for a fairly innovative approach. Indeed, the American giant intends to market its chips with their B200 NVL 72 servers. Here the price will be a little higher. Yes, this lot costs 3 million dollars for those interested.

This association is quite advantageous, especially for large companies. NVL 72 server racks significantly improve connection speed. The whole then provides power equivalent to 13,824 GB of VRAM. It’s a bit like an overboosted GPU. This performance is also necessary to train the current reference LLM models.

Entry-level models

The Blackwell models are not the only innovations from Nvidia for this year 2024. The company has also announced Fairly reasonably priced GPU. The objective is to satisfy all customer profiles, regardless of their financial means. THE Nvidia B100 GPU could cost between $30,000 to $35,000. It’s cheaper than the American company’s H100 chips. THE server rackss compatible with these models are estimated at $1.8 million.

These are only estimates

Yes, the sum of $70,000 is only the result of the analysis of a few professionals. The exact price will depend on the data centers, as well as the equipment delivered with Nvidia’s Blackwell chips. In addition, the negotiation capacity of stakeholders also comes into play.

The future of AI models?

Nvidia’s Blackwell chips are still in their infancy. However, CEOs of high-tech companies are already interested in these models.

There’s currently nothing better than Nvidia hardware for AI“, said Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a statement.

Another big name in AI, Sam Altman also spoke on the subject: “Blackwell offers huge advancements in performance and accelerates our ability to deliver cutting-edge models.We are excited to continue working with Nvidia to improve AI computing.”

In your opinion, the price of these Blackwell chips is reasonable? React in comments.

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