Machecoul-Saint-Meme. A day of work to beautify the City

Machecoul-Saint-Meme. A day of work to beautify the City
Machecoul-Saint-Meme. A day of work to beautify the City

This national event is an opportunity for residents to come together to join participatory workshops which will take place on Saturday, May 25, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., in Machecoul-Saint-Meme.

Residents are invited to come together to improve their living environment.

Many workshops

This morning also allows us to create connections, share know-how and learn from each other.

After several discussions between the members of the participatory group, it proposed to carry out various projects: Under the halls in Saint-Meme: a book box, at Petit-Pré in Machecoul: vegetable box, same principle as the book box : we deposit the surplus vegetables from our vegetable garden production and collect others.

Maintenance of existing equipment (painting of picnic tables, for example) – manufacturing of planters from recovered barrels from the distillery. Workshop to learn how to make your own composter.

Walks for seniors: it is possible to participate in this day by enjoying the company of our seniors, it is possible to accompany them on a walk under the market halls and in the Square du Petit Pré until noon!

For kids

Childcare: Workshops are organized by the Sapat class (personal services and activities in the territories) of the Saint-Martin high school, to entertain the children of the participants. They will have the opportunity to put their green fingers to work by planting flowers, to go on an adventure during a treasure hunt, to discover the heritage of the wash house and to take part in visual arts activities. .

After the effort, comfort! A collective picnic will be offered to all volunteers.

How to participate? Go directly to Petit Pré or to the Saint-Meme halls.

For the walk, register with the facilitators of the Arc-En-Ciel establishments and spa center, before Wednesday May 22, 2024.



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