Donald Trump: Who are his five powerful allies?

Now the unthinkable risks coming true again: in November 2024, Donald Trump could win his ticket for the Oval Office of the White House, again. Despite the bloody drama at the Capitol, despite Russian interference. And, also, despite its ideology violently hostile to women’s rights in an era marked by the seal of MeToo, which notably led to the annulment of the law guaranteeing access to abortion at the federal level. But it would be naive to think that the real estate magnate, in his inexhaustible fascist and masculinist crusade, would only be supported by men.

Since his first steps to conquer Washington in 2017, Trump has been able to entrust key roles to women, a little for the pleasure of his own eyes, but above all to try to mollify the electorate, both female and male. Trumpist women, yes, they exist, and there are a certain number of them, even if the vast majority of American female personalities are allergic to the fanatic. Focus on five powerful allies of the Trumpist wave breaking for the second time.

Chanel Rion, journalist

Donald Trump has often indicated that he only gets information via the conservative and sometimes conspiratorial channel Fox News, but the former US president’s preferred media outlet is actually an even more right-wing cable channel: One America News Network. An idyll with this conspiratorial and freewheeling media which was at its highest when Chanel Rion was presenter and chief correspondent in Washington. This highly Trumpophile journalist has repeatedly compromised ethics, to the point of relaying live the most improbable QAnon theses on the alleged satanic and pedophile practices of the Democratic clan. She even accompanied the former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, the billionaire’s steadfast lieutenant, in a supposedly compromising investigation in Hungary surrounding the Biden family. Now removed from the channel, Chanel Rion, beautiful but dangerous like many of the ex-president’s muses, remains in his little papers and remains a strong voice to relay his rantings.


Marjorie Taylor Green, politician

She is without a doubt the most turbulent female pro-Trump personality in the American landscape. A sort of explosive political UFO operating on the far right, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican representative of Georgia in the House of Congress, is an intimate enemy of the Democrats and sometimes even proves to be very embarrassing for her own party, where she is alienated by a number of more moderate members. This 49-year-old woman is one of Donald Trump’s most fervent apostles, as provocative and as radical as him, serving as a mouthpiece for his paranoid visions of the world. This believer in the QAnon conspiracy movement and the Kremlin’s cause has already sadly made a name for herself through racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic remarks. Her political campaigns, where she shows herself with a machine gun in her hand while standing in her big pick-up, speak to many citizens of rural states.


Kristi Noem, politician

Almost unknown outside the United States until this spring, the current governor of South Dakota suddenly entered the media spotlight at the beginning of May 2024 through an embarrassing controversy. This fervent Republican, who would be in pole position to become vice-president if Donald Trump wins next November, has just published an autobiography, No Going Back, with sometimes shocking passages. In particular, she claims to have killed her dog with her own hands because she found him too aggressive. A gesture that she even claims to be capable of repeating against Joe Biden’s German shepherd “Commander”, reputed to have bitten several White House security agents. Asked to clarify her comments in interviews, Kristi Noem persisted in saying that the Bidens’ dog, although kept apart in a family home in Delaware, should be put down.

Elise Stefanik, politician

A few years ago, this New Yorker was looked askance at by Trumpists because she was considered too centrist. Sensitive to ecology, she was also one of the eight Republicans who supported the Equality Act, this law condemning discrimination against the LGBT community. But that was before. Elise Stefanik, 39, has gradually migrated to the more right-wing wing of the Republican Party, and now belongs to the quartet of the most fractious pro-Trump personalities sitting in the House of Representatives. No doubt for her: the 2020 election was rigged by the Democrats to bring down her orange-haired thinker. In recent months, she has even played the role of woke headhunter by succeeding in having three university pundits fired accused of being too pro-Palestine. “Two down!” she wrote triumphantly on Twitter after the fall of the president of Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania.

Elise Stefanik, politician

Caitlyn Jenner, influencer

Not really known for being a friend of minorities, Donald Trump is nevertheless fiercely defended by several icons of the LGBT community, including Caitlyn Jenner, a 74-year-old former male athlete and reality TV star. Apart from some sporadic criticism leveled against Trump in 2018 when he was president, this personality remains a visible and charismatic support of the clan’s ultraconservative policies. A great friend of eldest daughter Ivanka and wife Melania, Caitlyn Jenner recently declared that a non-re-election of Donald, this “strong leader”, would sign “the end of the country”. A year ago, the woman who presents herself as the defender of LGBT rights in the United States nevertheless, on Twitter, accused Nike of wokism for having chosen the trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney as her muse…

Caitlyn Jenner, influencer


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