explosive Trump biopic marks mid-festival

explosive Trump biopic marks mid-festival
explosive Trump biopic marks mid-festival

The feature film by Dano-Iranian Ali Abbasi, who is taking his first steps in Hollywood after films noticed on the Croisette (BorderUn certain regard prize in 2018, The nights of Mashhad in 2022), traces the initiatory journey of the real estate entrepreneur in the 1970s and 1980s in New York.

First portrayed as a somewhat naive careerist, Trump (played by Sebastian Stan, known for his role in Captain America) abandons his principles as he discovers the tricks of power alongside his mentor, lawyer Roy Cohn (Jeremy Strong of Succession), closely associated with McCarthyism and the New York mafia.

“Attack, attack, attack”, “never admit anything”: Trump will appropriate Cohn’s maxims and take advantage of his provided address book, before abandoning him to his fate, sick with AIDS.

The film opens with a disclaimer stating that many of the events brought to screen are fictional.

In a particularly powerful scene, Trump rapes his first wife, Ivana (Maria Bakalova). He is also seen taking amphetamine pills or undergoing liposuction and surgery to hide his hair loss.

“We wanted to make a punk rock version of a historical film, which meant we had to keep a certain energy, a certain spirit, (not) be too picky about the details and what is true or false,” said Abbasi recently told Vanity Fair.

This will not fail to exasperate the prosecutor Trump, who is also currently appearing in New York for hidden payments to a porn star who claims to have had a sexual relationship with him.

Studio Ghibli distinguished

The scenario of The Apprentice is by Gabriel Sherman, a journalist who followed the New York real estate market in the 2000s and spoke regularly with Trump during this period.

Formally, the film is inspired by the monuments of New Hollywood, from the late 1960s to the 1970s, such Taxi DriverNetwork and, in particular, Midnight Cowboy.

Asked whether an American woman could be objective about a film about the former president, jury president Greta Gerwig promised to watch it with “an open mind and heart, and ready to be surprised.” “.

Out of competition, an honorary Palme d’Or was awarded to the Japanese studio Ghibli, co-founded in 1985 by Hayao Miyazaki, 83, a double Oscar-winning director for his poetic works.

It was her son Gorō, also a director at Ghibli, who came to collect her, declaring that it was “an encouragement” for “the forty years to come”.

This is the first time that a studio has received such an award, usually given to an actor or director, such as Meryl Streep and George Lucas this year.

The ceremony continued with the broadcast of four short films previously unreleased outside of Japan, including a mini-sequel to My Neighbor Totoro.

French favorites

After seven days of screenings, Emilia Perez is one of the favorites to succeed Anatomy of a fallby French director Justine Triet, and offer a second Palme d’Or to its French director also, Jacques Audiard, after Dheepan (2015).

Among the other very well received feature films, with 11 minutes of applause, The Substancefeminist film of honor by Frenchwoman Coralie Fargeat with an unconventional Demi Moore.

The new film about Naples by Italian Paolo Sorrentino on Tuesday, phew love by Frenchman Gilles Lellouche, with the French couple Adèle Exarchopoulos/François Civil, Thursday, The seeds of the wild fig tree by the Iranian Mohammad Rasoulof on Friday are also eagerly awaited.



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