Vic, the price for Bruno Martinez against good Lartet

Vic, the price for Bruno Martinez against good Lartet
Vic, the price for Bruno Martinez against good Lartet

Vic, the price for Bruno Martinez against good Lartet

Following the withdrawal of Pedro Rufo, winner of the Bolsin de Bougue, the non-piqué Vicoise transformed into a mano a mano. Each novillero killed two toros, the better of the two, Bruno Martinez, killed the fifth. The Navarrese novillero dominated the debates, his opponent lacking oficio. The winners of the morning are the erales of the ganaderia du Lartet, the third of which was honored with a posthumous vuelta.

The summary
BRuno Martinez

The first eral is well presented and comes out abanto. We feel that Bruno Martinez is stressed when he receives it at the cape. Juan de Morena has difficulty making a quit by chicuelinas. The bullfighter is demanding and the bullfighter struggles to find the situation. It does not weigh on a bicho who goes on stage. The novillero links some natural ones applied to the center. The faena is messy and goes to menos. Bruno Martinez kills almost completely, the toro is slow to fall. Silence, an opinion, palmas au novillo.

The third is a quasi-novillo. Bruno Martinez receives it with largas de rodillas then good veroniques. In the second tercio, the toro is master of the ruedo. Fortunately the Nîmes banderillero “ El Chinos » saves his colleagues three times from a certain battle. The novillo is recessed and transmits. He repeats over and over again. The novillero applies. The Lartet made it possible to tore it from below. He kills with a whole tendida. The brave eral struggles not to fall. One ear and vuelta to the novillo.

Juan de Morena

Good reception of the second par Juan de Morena, the novillo humiliates. The novillo is just strong but noble. The novillero does not guide his charge and is hit with the muleta. The novillero is green and is overtaken on the left by the novillo caste. On the right, it’s barely better but still on the journey. The novillero pinche before putting a whole back effective. Palmas with novillo and silence. Bruno Martinez makes a good quit by chicuelinas and tafalleras to the toro of Juan de Morena. The novillo is noble and repeats. Juan de Morena is more than green and doesn’t know how to treat an animal that deserves another treatment. Fortunately the kill is quick. Silence and palmas to the toro.

Le final

It is Bruno Martinez who has earned the right to litigate last. The Lartet is brocho but of a more than respectable tamaño. The novillero receives it efficiently. The bicho is fair. He injures a banderillero coming out of a pose. The toro takes querencia to the boards. The novillero has difficulty keeping it in his muleta. Change of terrain allows some naturals to be uprooted but the whole thing does not transmit despite the application of the bullfighter. Final by Joselillas, the sword results crossing. The second blow is better. Silence

Technical sheet
  • Arenas de Vic, unstitched novillada of the Feria 2024five eras of Lartet For
    • Bruno Martinez: silence (opinion), ear, silence
    • Juan de Morena: silence, silence
  • The novillero Bruno Martinez is declared the winner of the unpricked novillada of the Féria Vicoise.
  • President: Julie Berard
  • A quarter of an arena
  • Clouds but no rain


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