Top 5 Netflix: winning return for the series that fans have been waiting for months – News Series

This week on Netflix, the Top 5 is once again shaken up by THE series that fans have been waiting for for two years!

Number 1: The Bridgertons Chronicles

Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024

Penelope Featherington finally gave up on her longtime love for Colin Bridgerton after hearing him make derogatory comments about her. She has, however, decided that it is time for her to take a husband, preferably one who will give her enough independence to continue her double life as Lady Whistledown, away from her mother and sisters.

Spectator rating: 3.7/5

According to Sylvie Bataille (5/5)

You either like the Chronicles or you don’t like them, for my part I love them. Addictive series so I never tire of it, a little romance and lightness doesn’t hurt these days. The only thing I could complain about is the waiting time between seasons, especially for the last 2 years, it’s really too long!

According to Lili Presse (Lili) (5/5)

I really liked this series, I’ve seen it several times and with the start of the new season I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!

According to Aldogiroux (5/5)

Season 3 is captivating, brilliant, breathtaking, the richness of the dialogues is dizzying…! Imbued with humor, intelligence and elegance. In its genre, season 3 deserves that you take the time to please yourself and surprise yourself

Why does it work?

After two years of waiting, The Bridgerton Chronicle is finally back and still keeps its promises: telling the blossoming of a love story with its ups and downs and above all its characters less stereotypical than there appears. This season places Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) who see their long friendship transform into true love.

Number 2: The 8 Show

Lee Jae-hyuk/Netflix

Eight people trapped in a mysterious eight-story building participate in a tempting but dangerous game show in which their winnings increase over time.

Spectator rating: 3.2/5

According to Dx M. (4/5)

Excellent series for my part… A sort of thriller behind closed doors with 8 participants in reality TV mode… It looks a bit like Squid Game (except that it’s less commercial), the film La Plateforme, Cercle, or even The Experience etc… At the beginning the atmosphere is jovial and funny then as the series progresses the atmosphere becomes more and more dark… The characters manipulate each other. Towards the end we have psychological violence in A Clockwork Orange mode… The story is well done… The characters are well developed and for some endearing… It is at the same time funny, entertaining, caustic, cynical and violent… The series is a sort of social critique of the class pyramid… In short, I really got into it…

According to Spamy S. (4.5/5)

“Another master class from Korea! A mini Squid Game, well thought out, with allegories about society, certainly obvious, but deliciously staged.”

According to darknesse 2 (3.5/5)

It’s a good series but I clearly wouldn’t put it on the same level as Squid Game, certain passages are so enormously predictable that it becomes a little ridiculous and clearly the last two episodes are just dragging on

Why does it work?

With its Squid Game feel right down to its decor (we saw the copy and paste of the pink stairs!), The 8 Show was bound to arouse curiosity. Its presence in second position in the Top 5 only a few days after its release is therefore not a surprise. The theme is also interesting: the denunciation of reality TV with a touch of social criticism on the economic violence that is carried out on people in South Korea. Will the series experience the same fate? The future will tell.

Number 3: Thank you and see you next time!


After a painful breakup, a young lawyer immerses herself in the confusing world of modern dating, with the unwavering support of her best friends.

Spectator rating: 3.2/5

According to Célia Trémoureux (5/5):

“I devoured this series. I have never loved a romantic series so much. It is full of suspense and until the end, I was captivated. I hope there will be a season 2.”

According to Cath34 (4/5):

“Very pleasant series to watch. Rhythm and good actors. A little treat that already makes you wait for the sequel.”

According to Zidane2 (3/5):

“Good but nothing more, difficult to follow and understand, we get a lot of trouble all the same, afterwards for those who like love stories will love it.”

Why does it work?

Second week in the top 5 for Thank You and Next, a Turkish romantic drama which continues to attract curious young people. The romantic stories of Leyla (Serenay Sarıkaya) seem to fascinate subscribers and there is reason: the portrait of this betrayed woman who tries to have confidence in men again is a universal subject.

Number 4: Ashley Madison: Sex, lies and scandal


By exposing the intimate data of millions of users, the hacking of a dating site that encourages adulterous affairs is breaking marriages and destroying lives.

Spectator rating: 2.9/5

There are currently no comments on the series profile.

Why does it work?

French subscribers love Netflix documentaries and Ashley Madison had everything to please French-speaking audiences. In just 3 short episodes, this mini-series looks back at an affair that caused a stir around the world in 2015. The directors notably managed to have several men in front of their camera who succumbed to temptation and who reveal what the consequences were. impact on their relationship and on their lives.

Number 5: Fiasco


Raphaël Valande begins filming his first feature film: an adventure spanning the ages from prehistory to the landings, including the Vikings… to pay tribute to the heroic life of his resistant grandmother. But quickly, the problems accumulate and the filming gradually turns into a nightmare. And for good reason: someone from the team is trying to sabotage his film from the inside…

Spectator rating: 3.2/5

According to Manuel S. (3/5)

“Conceptual series certainly Niney is funny, however overall the result is uneven, lacks rhythm and messy. Many jokes fall through, we smile more than we laugh. We find the humor of the Family series Business. In conclusion, the series is as quickly watched as it is forgotten.”

According to Jean N. (3.5/5)

It’s stupid but it’s stupid!! Third-rate jokes not even worthy of Carambar, it’s poorly filmed, poorly acted, to tell you: it’s below “La Flamme” (and that’s not nothing)!! It would make the “Bronzés” pass 3″ for a French comic masterpiece!!! Well shame on me, but how I laughed!! How long it has been since I laughed!!

According to Romaric R. (1.5/5)

I couldn’t get through the first episode…it’s undrinkable and overplayed. Everything is too much, too soon, with no hook or depth…

Why does it work?

Fiasco manages to stay in the top 5 for another week. The Pierre Niney “brand” still hits the mark with its schoolboy humor and its prestigious casting. A mixed success despite everything for this series which did not succeed in integrating the tops from other non-French-speaking countries.



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