Patriots Day in Quebec: What is open and what is closed on May 20

Patriots Day in Quebec: What is open and what is closed on May 20
Patriots Day in Quebec: What is open and what is closed on May 20

With the arrival of Patriots’ Day in Quebec on May 20, many are wondering which establishments will be open and which will be closed for the occasion.

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While the rest of Canada prepares to celebrate Victoria Day, a day dedicated to honoring the country’s sovereign, Quebec is taking a different path by recognizing National Patriots Day. It’s a cultural contrast that adds a touch of singularity to the Canadian mosaic!

Here is a little practical guide to help you plan your day on Monday:

What is open:

  1. Supermarkets and grocery stores: Most supermarkets and grocery stores remain open during normal hours.
  2. Pharmacies: Pharmacies remain open to provide essential medical services and pharmaceutical products.
  3. Restaurants and cafes: Many restaurants and cafes remain open so you can enjoy a meal away from home or order takeaway.
  4. Tourist attractions : Several tourist attractions such as museums, amusement parks and historical sites may be open to the public. It is recommended to check the schedules on the websites before going there.
  5. Public transport: Public transport continues to operate according to adapted schedules. Be sure to check the transport network timetables.
  6. SAQ : All SAQ branches will be open according to usual hours. You will be able to drink your light red with complete peace of mind!

What is closed:

  1. Government institutions: Government offices, including post offices and service centers, are generally closed on Patriots Day.
  2. Schools and universities: Educational institutions, from primary schools to universities, generally observe a day off.
  3. Banks: Bank branches are closed, but online banking and ATMs remain available.
  4. Some local businesses: Some small shops and family businesses may choose to close their doors to allow their staff to enjoy the day with family.

It is always recommended to check establishment hours before planning your Patriots Day activities. Whether you choose to spend the day outside exploring the city or inside enjoying a meal with friends, take advantage of this day to make a cheers to the history of Quebec!

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