IDF releases video of former hostage Ella, 8 years old

“I am a prisoner of Hamas” : the captivity documents of Ela, 8 years old, found by the IDF forces

IDF forces recently discovered the video taken by Hamas terrorists a few days after October 7. Ella, 8, was kidnapped with her sister Dafna, 15, from their father’s house in Nahal Oz – both were released as part of a deal. She was recorded against the backdrop of the terrorist organization’s flag while she was injured: “I ask Bibi to free us and I am a prisoner of Hamas.”

The Israeli army yesterday (Sunday) released a video found in recent days and filmed by Hamas, in which 8-year-old Ella Alyakim was recorded, days after being kidnapped from her father’s house in Nahal Oz. My name is Ella Alyakim” also released. “She was detained with her sister in difficult conditions, even though in the video the terrorists tried to create a different presentation,” the Israeli army said. “They forced her to film things over and over again, in different clothes.”

Ella, 8, said the video was filmed several times by Hamas terrorists from different angles and that she was wearing clothes that did not belong to her. Her sister Dafna also testified that the terrorists forced her to take videos of herself. Ella and Dafna were released under the first abductees deal on November 26. The sisters’ family approved the release of the video.

Their brother Tomer, their father Noam and his partner Dekla Araba were murdered on October 7. Initially, the sisters were taken to a family home in Gaza, from where they were transferred to different hideouts, and in the tunnels they met five other young women who had been kidnapped and still have not returned. “I thought no one cared about us coming back, that people here didn’t care,” Dafna said in an interview with News 12.

According to Dafna, the terrorists who detained them told her and them that no one in Israel fought to bring them home. “I thought no one cared about us coming back, that people here didn’t care,” Dafna testified a few months ago about her time in captivity. “That’s what they told us all the time, that they preferred us to stay in Gaza and come back as corpses. » with N12
Ella Eliakim with her sister Dafna Eliakim in Hamas captivity (photo: IDF spokesperson)

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