“That he is” or “that he has”: What should be written?

“That he is” or “that he has”: What should be written?
“That he is” or “that he has”: What should be written?

English – Do you think it’s time to take control of your spelling? You are in the right place to distinguish “that he is” from “that he has”

Ah, social networks… Vectors of freedom of expression according to some, of disinformation according to others, they above all have the gift of highlighting our spelling gaps. Thus, it is not uncommon to read sentences such as “I don’t think he has understood the lesson” or “I think he has already left”. If your eyes are bleeding, it’s normal. Let’s see why these spellings are wrong.

Be or have ?

If you are hesitating between “that he is” or “that he has”, the question to ask yourself is simple: is it the verb “to be” or the verb “to have” that we are talking about?

The verb to be “

If you are talking about the state of a person or a thing, a certainty, it is the verb “to be” that you need:

“I think he’s already gone.” » “Do you think he’s stupid? » “I know he is happier than he pretends to be. » “I think it’s time to tell you the truth. »

The verb “to have “

“Let him have” evokes something not yet accomplished, necessity, possibility or doubt, etc. :

“I will do everything to ensure that he wins his case. » “He absolutely must have returned the keys on Friday. “You don’t want him to get in trouble, do you?” »« I don’t think he (…) Read more on 20minutes

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