Lacazette: “No one had done it but we did it”

Lacazette: “No one had done it but we did it”
Lacazette: “No one had done it but we did it”

Author of a double against Strasbourg, Alexandre Lacazette once again played the saviors for OL this Sunday evening. Sixth in Ligue 1, the Lyon club reversed a situation doomed to failure.

Alexandre Lacazette, how would you describe this season?

Lacazette: Amazing, really amazing. We were very, very low and in the end, we managed to qualify for Europe with a match still full of twists and turns. It truly is an incredible season.

How do you feel when you take the penalty?

I know I will score. As much as I have had penalties on which I felt a lot of pressure, this one, I knew I was going to score. There are days like this when you feel things.

You still find a way to scare yourself despite everything…

Totally, we have the match in hand, we relax, they have a penalty to lead and in the end, the post so that wakes everyone up. We managed to score behind, so just one thing to say, congratulations to everyone for this victory (2-1).

What do you remember from this season like no other?

There are a lot of things to remember, but in the end, we managed to be united, to believe in it until the end, to never give up and like tonight, that sums up our season.

Is communion with the supporters after the match also their victory?

They have part of the responsibility for this success because our start to the season has been catastrophic. We understood their reactions, even if we wanted them to support us. That’s what they’ve done all season, even with disappointments. They were present even away, always there even in mediocre performances and tonight is the result of everyone’s work. Both at club level, employees, supporters, everyone.

How do you explain that you managed to reverse the trend so well?

Our goals were within our reach each time and this is where the coach was good. He spoke to us about maintaining rather than Europe when we were at the bottom. We set ourselves goals that we believed in and well done to everyone.

Where do you see this season in your career?

Easily among the top 3, if not top 1. It’s not finished yet, but what I’m already seeing there is incredible. Why so high? Because no one has done it in history and we did it. Our supporters did not turn against us. The players didn’t give up. We changed coaches quite a few times, we were criticized and denigrated a lot and in the end, football won.



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