Guerlain celebrates World Bee Day

Guerlain celebrates World Bee Day
Guerlain celebrates World Bee Day

This May 20, like every year since 2018, the buzzing of bees will be heard all over the world since a day is dedicated to them, at the initiative of the United Nations and thanks to the efforts of the Slovenian government which worked tirelessly. released.

The date of May 20 was not chosen by chance: it is that of the birth of Anton Janša, considered the pioneer of modern beekeeping. Born in Slovenia, Anton Janša grew up in a family of beekeepers, an agricultural activity that is essential for the country but dangerously threatened by man. Destruction of habitats, use of pesticides, climate change are all factors that endanger the survival of bees, these wonderful insects which number thousands of species.

“Nowadays, populations of pollinators and many other insects are becoming less and less abundant”underlines the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, which hopes that this May 20 will be the opportunity to “promote actions that will protect pollinators and their habitats, increase their abundance and diversity and encourage the sustainable development of beekeeping.”

It is in this context that the Guerlain house, whose love affair with bees dates back to 1853, decided “to invite the general public to discover the beauty of bees and the richness of their universe through the objective of Joris Vegter, photographer renowned for his close-up shots of insects.”

Bee in very close-up. ©Joris Vegter

Many times rewarded for his work (Winner of the National Geographic Photography Competition – Benelux, 1st place Animal Category in 2021, winner of the Green Nature Camera of the Year Prize in 2023), Joris Vegter tracks bees and immortalizes them in their favorite flowers, at dawn or dusk, when nature lives in slow motion. Or, conversely, when the bee, very animated, is at work.

Guaranteed traceability

It has been more than ten years since Guerlain has been committed to the preservation of bees, via the “Guerlain For Bees Conservation Program” which brings together more than fifteen partners and associations around the world. Let us cite, in particular, the “Bee School”, a program to raise children’s awareness of the protection of bees or the “Women for Bees” program in collaboration with UNESCO and with various local NGOs, in Spain, Japan, Mexico , in Italy… Furthermore, from May 20 to 22, 20% of sales of Guerlain products will be donated to these various programs.

If you are curious, you can also, on the French house’s website, follow the traceability of products, throughout all stages of their life cycle, from the flower field to the stores. You will discover, for example, that the “Honey Treatment Day Cream” from the Abeille Royale range is composed of honey from Ouessant, where a species of black bee unique in the world lives, but also honey from the Åland Islands, an archipelago. Finnish in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

But the most legendary tribute to bees undoubtedly remains the bottle which was created in 1853, on the occasion of the marriage of Napoleon III to Eugénie de Montijo. The emblematic shape of the aptly named “Bee Bottle” is inspired by the top of the Vendôme Column, women’s basket dresses and the sumptuous gilding of the palaces of the Second Empire. It is always made by the same glass craftsman, Pochet de Courval. Blown at 450°, it is engraved with 69 bees gilded with fine gold and contains Eau de Cologne Impériale.

The bottle created in 1853. ©Guerlain


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