“I don’t understand what I’m doing behind the wheel if I don’t have music on during a journey” – Libération

“I don’t understand what I’m doing behind the wheel if I don’t have music on during a journey” – Libération
“I don’t understand what I’m doing behind the wheel if I don’t have music on during a journey” – Libération

The actor who started in the cinema in front of Michael Haneke’s camera for Unknown code, is now showing in the series the recruit on TF1. But he could also have been recruited by any music group.

What was the first record you bought as a teenager with your own money?

A vinyl from Eric B & Rakim, apparently fallen from the truck, which I had exchanged for a T-shirt from a sports brand.

Your favorite way to listen to music, MP3, car radio, CD player, vinyl, etc.?

I have such a need for music that any means is good but I admit an affection for the CD.

The last disc you bought and in what format?

Beyonce, Texas Hold ‘Em, in the AAC format of a platform.

Where do you prefer to listen to music?

Everywhere. I don’t understand what I’m doing while driving if I don’t have music on during a trip.

Do you listen to music while working? What type of music ?

Yes, it can then be a support when I do my job as an actor to keep me in a necessary mood or, conversely, to get me out of one that would not be the right one.

The song that you are ashamed to listen to with pleasure?

None. I can just as easily hum a Thelonious Monk tune as I can hum a Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora duet.

The record that everyone loves and you hate?

These famous summer hits which were a hit with their choreography, like the Macarena.

The disc you’ll need to survive on a desert island?

Just one is too few but, to remain reasonable, I would settle for two or three best ofs. One from Bowie, one from 80s funk, one from Aznavour, and one Don Giovanni by Mozart.

Is there a label or record company that you are particularly attached to and why?

I have an affection for Stax and Motown. The great rivals of soul.

Which record cover do you want to frame at home as a work of art?

I would rather make a mosaic with Sgt. Pepper’s the Beatles, Melody Nelson by Gainsbourg, the single Modern Love by Bowie, Alot of the Supremes and Cheap Thrills by Janis Joplin.

A record you would like to hear at your funeral?

I would prefer live! Like a very joyful gospel à la Aretha Franklin. Like a Sunday in the Bronx.

Do you know what drone metal is?

Not at all, but just the putting together of the two words, I don’t have confidence.

Do you prefer records or live music?

I really like both. It is more than important to continue to defend and preserve live performance. Experiencing emotions together is essential to our good health.

Your fondest concert memory?

NTM in 1998 at the Zénith in Paris. Crazy energy, it was animal, but I would have loved to see Amy Winehouse’s concert live in 2007 in London.

Do you go to a club to dance, flirt, listen to music on a good sound system or do you never go to a club?

I prefer musical parties on the beach that start with a sunset and end with my head in the stars.

Who is the band you hate seeing on stage, but whose records you love and vice versa?

I like listening to Bob Dylan but in concert (sorry Bob) it’s boring.

Your favorite musical film or your favorite film score?

The soundtrack that I listened to the most was that of Ennio Morricone for Once upon a time in America by Sergio Leone.

What is the record that you share with the person who accompanies you in life?

A novel has circulated a lot among the people who accompany my life and who love music. It is High fidelity by Nick Hornby. Sorry for this small gap but we are not that far.

The song that makes you mad?

Metal attacks me, hard rock doesn’t, I love AC/DC.

The last record you listened to on repeat?

The latest tracks from Yodelice.

The group you would have liked to be part of?

Telephone for rock youth, NTM for animality and because I come from 93, ABBA for light, smiles and glitter.

The song or piece of music that always makes you cry?

Barbara, Tell me, when will you come back?, Elvis Presley, My Boy.

His favorite titles

David Bowie Modern Love (1983)

Alain Bashung At night I lie (1998)

The Last Shadow Puppets My Mistakes Were Made for You (2008)



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