May the Spirit open the doors of peace

After the Regin Caeli prayer, Pope Francis prayed to the Holy Spirit, creator of harmony, to bring it into the hearts of everyone and especially those in power so that they put an end to conflicts. The Holy Father thus spoke of the wars in Ukraine and the Holy Land.

Vatican News

It is towards the Holy Spirit, protagonist of this solemnity of Pentecost, that Pope Francis turned his prayers during the prayer of the Regina Caeli, this Sunday, May 19, from the window of the apostolic apartments. And that’s because “the Holy Spirit is the one who creates harmony” that the Holy Father asked him to act within families, in society, and throughout the world. “May the Spirit make communion and fraternity grow between Christians of different confessions; May He give leaders the courage to make gestures of dialogue that lead to putting an end to wars.” he exhorted to the faithful gathered in the rain in Saint-Pierre Square.

Francis has turned his thoughts, like every Sunday for several months, to Ukraine, and in particular to the city of Kharkiv, in the northeast of the country, “who suffered an attack two days ago”. The Pope thus spoke of the offensive that the Russian army has been carrying out for several days in this Ukrainian region close to the Russian border and of which Kharkiv is the main city.

The Bishop of Rome does not forget the Holy Land, Palestine and Israel either and “the many places where there is war”. “May the Spirit lead the leaders of the nations and all of us to open the doors of peace” he said.

Thanks to the Veronese

In his greetings to the faithful, the Pope expressed his “gratitude for the welcome and affection of the Veronese” during his pastoral visit to Verona, in northern Italy. “Thanks thanks” he said, particularly greeting the inmates of the city prison, recalling that“they had testified once again that behind the walls of a prison life, humanity and hope pulse”.

To the few pilgrims from East Timor present at the foot of the apostolic palace, Pope Francis said: “I’ll come see you soon.”in reference to the apostolic trip he is to make next September to South-East Asia.



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