Premier League | Jürgen Klopp left Liverpool a legend after a day of tribute worthy of his status

Premier League | Jürgen Klopp left Liverpool a legend after a day of tribute worthy of his status
Premier League | Jürgen Klopp left Liverpool a legend after a day of tribute worthy of his status

Anfield, the club’s social networks, the players… this Sunday, the whole of Liverpool was not on the last day of the Premier League, but on Klopp’s last day. Like the touching hugs given to the German technician by his players during each substitution, each moment, each gesture was conducive to thanking and saluting the one who wrote the history of the Reds from the bench.

It all started with a spectacular bus arrival at the stadium, forcing the vehicle to wander between masses of supporters and through the plumes released by smoke bombs. “A special welcome from Jürgen’s players” tweeted the Mersey club before the match. The match won 2-0 against Wolverhampton did not have much sporting value for Liverpool, already qualified for the Champions League, so obviously eyes and hearts were on Klopp.

“VSit was the most intense week of my life“, admitted the native of Stuttgart in a video posted on his social networks before the match. And these last minutes were even more so. The eyes do not lie, those of Klopp held back tears on numerous occasions, notably during a final hug with his lieutenant Virgil van Dijk, or when Anfield sang to him that he will never walk alone. After the final whistle, not a soul had left the stands, the aisles even still seemed one. a little fuller than for the match, surely full of emotions.

I’m so happy, I can’t believe it

As a symbol, before the coach leaves the bowels of Anfield one last time to be graced with a guard of honor, it was Joel Matip who came out to say goodbye. He who was one of the pioneers and the first very reliable soldiers of the Klopp era among the Scousers. After which, the man of the day took the microphone to address his people, those he described as “of the best people I have ever met“.

I’m so happy, I can’t believe it. The atmosphere of the match, the way we celebrated today… it’s exceptional“, savored Klopp, who even allowed himself a touch of humor when asked which match he remembered among all those he managed: “One of the matches against City that we let slip away“.

Klopp did not break down under emotion, his players did

For the past few weeks people have been talking about me too much, it’s made me uncomfortable“, admitted the German. But how could it be otherwise for a man who gave new life to a historic institution. It was enough to see him make his signature gesture, waving his arm vigorously in front of the Kop to the rhythm of the cries of the stand, before beating his chest, as after each victory, to realize to what extent he has brought his energy to the place.

Klopp held back his tears, not his men. Trent Alexander Arnold, to name but one, broke down. But the success of goodbyes is not measured by the tears they provoke. More like the aftertaste they leave. These were so successful and legitimate, that the one to whom they were addressed had the impression that the moment “doesn’t feel like an end, but a beginning. This team is full of talent, youth, desires and dreams“.

I’ll never walk alone“, was written on the back of the sweatshirt worn by Klopp for the occasion. It is certain, if this Sunday he left the Reds, the Reds will never leave him.



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