what the public inquiry says point by point

what the public inquiry says point by point
what the public inquiry says point by point

The project of the start-up incubator, Da Vinci Labs, which plans to set up near the Château Louise-de-La-Vallière in Reugny will take a new step, Tuesday May 21, 2024, with the examination of the new Local Urban Plan (PLU) by the Reugny municipal council.

In the public inquiry report, the responses provided point by point by the local authorities and the comments of the investigating commissioner, who issued a favorable opinion, with three reservations, were recorded.

Is this Da Vinci Labs project of general interest?

The law provides that it is possible to make a PLU compatible for “a project that meets the general interest”. But is this the case for Da Vinci Labs? The Touraine-Est Vallées community of communes argues that this project will have local benefits, particularly for the lodgings and guest houses in the surrounding area, but also “for local craftsmen who can apply to participate in the construction”.

The community of communes also evokes the welcome “forty to fifty jobs” on the site. The investigating commissioner notes that the fact that the project leader itself has a hotel structure on site may suggest that “private interest” is important. But he considers that the project is of general interest.

Concerning the debate on new technologies and the impact of the project on the influence of Touraine

A lively debate arose between supporters and detractors of the project regarding the interest of the new technologies supported by the Da Vinci Labs project, the latter being supposed to bring out innovative solutions in many areas. The investigating commissioner validates the project by indicating that “these new technologies have the capacity to bring about technical solutions likely to respond to the challenges of tomorrow in the field of the environment and sustainable development”.

Is the fact that the PLU is not in compliance with the SCoT of the Touraine metropolitan area a problem?

Many comments recorded in the register of the public inquiry point to the non-compliance of this PLU with the Territorial Coherence Scheme of the Touraine agglomeration. ” The plus, responds the community of communes, does not have to be compliant with the SCoT but simply compatible. » The SCoT identifies at this location, as highlighted by the regional mission of the environmental authority in its report, “a core of biodiversity”.

The community of communes considers that the project “is only very partially located in the area considered to be the core of biodiversity”. To compensate, the community plans to create “a biodiversity observatory”initially planned for a period of three years (the investigating commissioner requests that this observatory be lasting).

Have other sites been examined to avoid making this land located in a natural zone suitable for construction?

The law aimed at reducing the artificialization of land imposes as a first obligation to avoid making land located in a natural zone suitable for construction. Critics have criticized the project leader for wanting to build his incubator “in a green setting”. The community of communes, in its responses provided during the public inquiry, listed several sites which, according to it, were examined by the contractor, in particular a plot near the rescue center on the D46, another on the plateau of Sêtre, another in the town center of Reugny. Other sites were examined in the Qualiparc zone of Montlouis-sur-Loire, the Bois de Plantes zone in La Ville-aux-Dames or the ZA Sublaines Bois Gaulpied. All were excluded on the basis of criteria that the investigating commissioner judged “admissible”.

The Reugny municipal council decides on the Local Urban Plan, this Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at 8:30 p.m.



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