Floods: several villages in the Oise under water after a violent storm


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May 19, 2024 at 7:29 p.m.

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An important thunderstorm occurred Sunday May 19, 2024 around 2 p.m. in the municipalities of Briot-la-Grange and Saint-Maur. A storm causing significant flooding.

The town tour at the entrance to the village of Briot-la-Grange has become a river. 1h30 later, the water arrived at Briot-La-Grange. ©GastonD/Le Réveil

Flooding after the storm near Grandvilliers

For 2 hours in green Picardy, the waters coming down from the fields rushed down the main street of Briot-la-Grange making the Departmental 119 impassable to traffic.

I have lived here for 59 years. I have never seen that.

A farmer
A torrent of water and mud passed through the village of Briot-La-Grange ©GastonD/Le Réveil

Present on site, Mayor Franck Cordier explains: “It’s unheard of. This is an exceptional phenomenon. I had water above my knees.”

In Saint-Maur the water crossed the courtyard of a house
In Saint-Maur, the water crossed the courtyard of a house. ©GastonD/Le Réveil

At the same time, the town close to Saint-Maur has was even more impacted by the phenomenon and the floods.

A chain of command Oise firefighters was established in the association house made available to emergency services by Mayor Daniel Brument, also present on site. Here, 15 homes were affected.

It was 2 p.m. and it came from the fields all of a sudden. We couldn’t do anything.

A resident of the Carouge housing estate

Two people taking refuge on the roof of a car

The road between Thieuloy-Saint-Antoine and Saint-Maur is cut off to traffic and the embankment has collapsed.

On their page Facebookthe Sdis de l’Oise firefighters had warned of the danger.

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Two people were refugees on the roof of their vehicle. They had to be rescued by divers.

Important means of pumping are currently used in batteries to pump water into homes as well as into the basement of a house.

Around twenty firefighters from the Grandvilliers, La Chapelle-aux-Pots and Tillé emergency centers are still on site this Sunday evening.

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