She’s the most powerful female character in One Piece, and no, it’s not Big Mom!

She’s the most powerful female character in One Piece, and no, it’s not Big Mom!
She’s the most powerful female character in One Piece, and no, it’s not Big Mom!

The world of One Piece is populated by beings super powerful and no doubt about it: the bonuses are a great indicator of who the strongest character is at the time of their assignment.

If Luffy becomes exponentially more powerful over the course of the chapters, this is not necessarily the case for everyone, and the bounties stagnate for many pirates compared to Straw Hat. From there, fans made it their mission to find who would replace Big Mom (Charlotte Linlin) as One Piece’s most powerful pirate, and we have the answer.

This article will of course contain spoilers!

The most powerful pirate in all of One Piece is no longer Big Mom?

Obviously, if you are up to date on the One Piece manga, you know how powerful Big Mom, or Charlotte Linlin was with her soul fruit. The only woman of the four emperors, she is above all one of the only women in the entire One Piece universe to have such an impressive bonus, she was in the top 4 of the biggest in history, and if you only count living people, it is even second After Kaidou at the start of the Wano arc.

Only problem, she was defeated. While we don’t really know if she died or if she survived the bedroom magmaticthe fact remains that we can no longer really count her without knowing if she is still breathing.

Obviously, fans asked themselves on Reddit what the new bump in the game was, and the answers are quite one-sided.

Boa Hancock is the new boss of female pirates!

We’re not really in the same clothing style or the same kind of power, but if you may have forgotten Hancock (it’s been a while, we don’t blame you), it nonetheless remains extremely powerful and its bonus could make people jealous.

Boa, despite his work as a privateer, has a bonus of 1,695,000,000 and she is the only woman to exceed a billion. The second woman behind her is none other than Charlotte Smoothie has 932,000,000 followed by robin with 930,000,000.

Beyond the bonus, Hancock’s power is just super strong both in 1v1 and in zone and it’s not for nothing that Vegapunk made a replica of it.



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