Anderlecht – Club Bruges: the Mauves must react in the second half (direct, 0-1)

Anderlecht – Club Bruges: the Mauves must react in the second half (direct, 0-1)
Anderlecht – Club Bruges: the Mauves must react in the second half (direct, 0-1)

LThe Mauves and the Blauw and Zwart are both at the top of the ranking with 46 units. Anderlecht are leaders because they were ahead of Bruges in the classic phase.

In the event of a victory, Anderlecht would reduce Club Bruges’ title chances to nothing but given the victory of their neighbor Saint-Gilles over Cercle de Bruges earlier in the day (1-2), the Mauves will not be able to still be crowned Belgian champion this evening. They will have to at least secure a draw next week to win the title that has been awaited for 7 years.

If Club Brugge wins, it would then take a 3-point lead over Anderlecht before the final day and would therefore be in a strong position. In the event of a tie, it is the Union which would emerge victorious this weekend, coming within 1 point of its 2 competitors.

Highlights of the meeting:

While Bruges dominated but without necessarily creating chances, after 30 minutes one of the many corners obtained by the Blauw and Zwart finally hit the mark. De Cuyper found Odoi, completely forgotten at the penalty spot, the former Anderlecht player took over and opened the score (0-1).

4 minutes later, Amuzu was found deep, he found Dolberg at the penalty spot. The Dane lacked his control but still managed to hit. Mignolet came out perfectly. After 37 minutes of play, it was the Blauw and Zwart who missed a chance to double the lead. Skoras was found deep on the left flank, he entered the game, played Debast before finding Vanaken at the entrance to the rectangle. The latter played quickly towards Jutgla, in a very good position to score in the large rectangle of the Mauves. The Spaniard armed a shot but Schmeichel came out well.

The essays :

Anderlecht: Schmeichel, Sardella, Debast, Gattoni, Augustinsson, Rits, Stroeykens, Verschaeren, Amuzu, Dreyer, Dolberg

FC Brugge: Mignolet, Odoi, Ordonez, Mechele, De Cuyper, Onyedika, Nielsen, Vanaken, Vetlesen, Skoras, Jutgla

Live commentary:

Classification :



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