Girondins4Ever changed the season of the Girondins de Bordeaux? Pfff, I don’t think so. Nope…”

Before the match against Pau, the coach of the Girondins de Bordeaux, Albert Rierahad strongly hoped for the arrival of VAR next year in Ligue 2, particularly with regard to the red card of Mathias De Amorim.

“It is necessary for VAR to arrive in this Ligue 2. It is a system which has arrived to help us all. I had already said it, that’s it in the European Cup but not in the Conference League, why?! It would be nice if we all played by the same rules. This is a criticism that I hope will be constructive. VAR is urgent and necessary. I hope it will be there next year.”

Yon Ecenarroon France Bleu Gironde, answered the question of whether VAR, this season, would really change the Club’s season at the Scapular.

“Would VAR have changed the Girondins de Bordeaux season? Pfff, I don’t think so. No… I don’t think it would have really changed things. But it’s true that if we look at the last match, if there is VAR, there might not have been a red card for Mathias De Amorim, when we won 1-0… but hey… I Above all, I think that there would be less animosity, that there would be less complaining… If we say that it is the VAR which decided this or that action, that would stop discussing with the referee… Well, there you go, I think that that’s the positive side, but in general, it balances out over a season. It’s a commonplace to say that, but it’s still true. In any case, it’s not because of VAR that we are 13th in Ligue 2.”

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