the pope highlights the “delicacy” of the Holy Spirit – Swiss Catholic Portal

the pope highlights the “delicacy” of the Holy Spirit – Swiss Catholic Portal
the pope highlights the “delicacy” of the Holy Spirit – Swiss Catholic Portal

“The Holy Spirit gives us the strength to overcome our impulses,” assured Pope Francis during the Pentecost Mass, celebrated at Saint Peter’s Basilica on May 19, 2024. The Pope, whose fatigue was palpable the next day of his dense pastoral visit to Verona, reduced his homily compared to the planned text.

The Eucharistic prayer at the altar was pronounced by Cardinal Arthur Roche, prefect of the dicastery for Divine Worship and the discipline of the sacraments, under the canopy still covered by a tarpaulin and scaffolding as part of its restoration, which should last until December.

Through the story of Pentecost recounting the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles, Pope Francis linked two characteristics of God: “strength and delicacy”. “The Holy Spirit is strong and delicate,” insisted the pontiff, recalling that in the story of the Acts of the Apostles, the experience of transformation of the heart lived by Peter and John is such that they will refuse the prohibition formulated by the Sanhedrin to “formally speak or teach in the name of Jesus.”

“It is impossible for us to remain silent about what we have seen and heard,” they then replied, and the Pope invited today’s Christians, too, to bear witness to this gift of the Spirit “received during Baptism and Confirmation. “We are sent to announce the Gospel to all, always going beyond, not only geographically but also beyond ethnic and religious barriers, to accomplish a truly universal mission,” Francis explained, quoting the encyclical of John Paul II Redemptoris Missio.

Remain faithful “to the truth”

From this perspective, the mission cannot be lived “with arrogance and imposing, nor with calculations and tricks, but with the energy that comes from fidelity to the truth,” assured the Bishop of Rome.

This is why “we continue to speak of peace to those who want war, of forgiveness to those who sow vengeance, of welcome and solidarity to those who close the door and who erect barriers, of life to those who choose death, of respect for those who love to humiliate, insult and reject, of loyalty to those who refuse all ties, confusing freedom with a superficial, opaque and empty individualism” explained François.

We must go out to meet “all, all, good and bad”, with “the delicacy of welcoming all”, François insisted, leaving his text. “We need hope. We need to raise our eyes towards horizons of peace, fraternity, justice and solidarity. It is the only way of life, there is no other,” assured Francis, concluding with this prayer: “Come, Creative Spirit, enlighten our minds, fill our hearts with your grace, guide our steps , give our world your peace. Amen.”

A sign of the universality of the Church particularly manifested during this liturgy of Pentecost, the readings were read in Spanish and English and the prayer intentions were read in Chinese, Polish, French, Filipino (Tagalog ) and in Swahili. The Eucharistic prayer was said in Italian. (

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