This dad implements simple ideas to help his children overcome their anxieties

This dad implements simple ideas to help his children overcome their anxieties
This dad implements simple ideas to help his children overcome their anxieties

Julien’s testimony

“JMy name is Julien, and I am the father of two wonderful children, Léo, 8 years old, and Emma, ​​5 years old. Two years ago I noticed something had changed about them. Leo became withdrawn, played less with his friends and had lost his eternal smile. Emma, ​​meanwhile, was having trouble falling asleep and seemed anxious.

Faced with these signs, I realized it was time to act. We have established ‘talking times’, dedicated moments where everyone can talk freely about their day and their emotions, without interruption. This simple practice allowed Leo to open up about his fears at school and Emma to share her need for calm before bed.

I also realized that the quality time I was spending with them was insufficient. So I reorganized my schedule to dedicate precious moments to them, whether to play or simply to read together. We also implemented reassuring routines, like cuddles every morning and a song before bed.

These changes have had a profound impact. My children became happier and more fulfilled, and it transformed me as a parent. I learned the importance of being truly present and listening, and every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow together.”

What we remember:

Julien was able to identify the specific needs of his children and respond to them. By setting up talking times, he encourages his children to express their emotions, a crucial need for development. The reassuring routines he has established create a stable and secure environment.

Do not hesitate to take your child to see a professional if their condition does not improve.

The first names have been changed for the sake of anonymity.
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