Floods in Charleroi: water rose up to 2 meters in places

The bad weather moved last night. Heavy rain showers and even hail fell in Jumet, Lodelinsart and Dampremy. But as in the Liège region the previous night, it was mainly the rising waters which caused the damage. In some places it has reached two meters.

The water rose in just a few minutes. An entire neighborhood submerged. Saturday evening, residents can only watch helplessly as the water seeps into their homes. Records were sadly broken: up to 2 meters of water in places.

For a few minutes, panic sets in in the neighborhood. The rising waters seem unstoppable. Annelise’s neighbor urgently evacuates her daughters. “EShe had to take the little ones out, she put the little ones in the car. They left straight away, the little ones were screaming. They were running in all directions, they were screaming in all directions. There was so much water, we never saw that. The children were scared.”she explains.

Quickly in the area, dozens of cellars were flooded, emergency services called in and pumping operations began. The local residents are stunned. “The water rose… in 20 minutes, everything was flooded. It got everywhere, even in my veranda. I have a dog in the veranda, he had water up to half his body. I had to bring the dog in because he mustn’t drown.”adds Annelise.

In every home, damage, damaged equipment. The situations are different, but the same reality. “I think we’re going to have to throw it away (editor’s note, firewood) because we won’t be able to burn it, it smells like fuel oil, it smells like mud. You can see for yourself that it smells bad”regrets Patricia, a stricken resident.

Some of these residents know it: it will take several days before a return to normal, hours and hours of cleaning. They are tired… because the situation repeats itself. They say they have at least one flood a year. Improvements must therefore be made in a large proportion of the damaged houses.

Residents also expect more maintenance at the drain level. This should be a priority for them. As well as the establishment of a storm basin in the area. This had been announced but still nothing at this stage.

Severe flooding



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