A Renault Kangoo Esprit Alpine? Admit that this would excite more than one…

A sharp blue livery with some metallic gray appendages, pretty rims with an incisive design fitted with a pneumatic surmount, without forgetting refined materials on board, sometimes stitched with a large “A”. This is what essentially distinguishes the Esprit Alpine finishes from the traditional Losange range, in line with the GT Line and RS Line versions which preceded it. The look, nothing but the look, with a few adjustments to the running gear, for this marketing initiative aimed at revitalizing the manufacturer’s catalog at low cost, without engine changes, as many manufacturers have been doing for around twenty years ( Audi S-Line, Mercedes AMG-Line, etc.), and with substantial financial margins at stake.

What if Renault took the plunge?

Therefore, if there is no question of inflating the performance of the models accessing these flamboyant badges, why would Renault deprive itself of their beneficial effects on the Kangoo, to the extent that even the Scénic and Espace were able to achieve this cause ? The reason for this is probably its utilitarian origins, of course. But there is no doubt that, if a Kangoo Esprit Alpine were to see the light of day, it would find its audience, like the Peugeot Rifter, widely acclaimed in GT-Line finish in the past before being more simply baptized GT… in all modesty.

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To sum up

Clio, Captur, Arkana, Rafale, and even Scenic and Espace, almost the entire Renault range has offered the services of the Esprit Alpine label. So why wouldn’t the Kangoo benefit from it?



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