Blois-Le Breuil aerodrome braves the storm for its first open day

“We pass by it every day, without ever stopping. These open days were an opportunity to discover the site. » This Saturday, May 18, like Didier from Vendôme, accompanied by his wife Julie and his two children Noah and Ninon, hundreds of people took advantage of the open days at the Blois-Le Breuil aerodrome, which continue this Sunday.

This Saturday, in the afternoon in any case, it was better to come with your umbrella and your raincoat. Lightning in the sky was even visible. But many indoor activities were also possible.

“Oscar Charlie Alpha, we are going to fly over the airfield”

The public was notably able to discover the lookout, “ordinarily closed to the public”. In the glass cage built in 2013, groups of sixteen followed one another at the rate of one visit every thirty minutes.

Arriving on the third and last floor, the public was immersed in the heart of the matter, with the regular broadcast of messages by radio: “Oscar Charlie Alpha, from Belle-Île-en-Mer (Morbihan) and to Montargis (Loiret)we are going to fly over the airfield »indicates in particular a pilot.

“Ok, no known traffic to report to you”, the agent then responds aerodrome flight information service (Afis, responsible for informing traffic pilots), Franck Jouanic. Between two indications, the latter was able to provide information and answer numerous questions from the public.

Flights were interrupted for part of the afternoon this Saturday, after about an hour of unfavorable weather conditions.
© (Photo NR, Alexis Couturier)

“I manage a 6 km radius and 600 m altitude. On days when things fly a lot, I wouldn’t have been able to receive you. I have been here since June 2023 and I fell in love with this airfield because any type of plane can fly here (1)even military planes ».

The aerodrome operates with a second Afis agent, but also with a communications officer, Samia Djallali, a director, Ludovic Goret, and two firefighters, also responsible for maintenance. “They also sometimes have to scare off approaching animals using horns or rockets, explains Franck Jouanic. But we don’t shoot animals. »

Yohann, who came from Vineuil with his little family.
© (Photo NR, Alexis Couturier)

In addition to visiting the lookout, the public could also admire and learn about various planes, gyroplanes and ULMs (ultra light motorized aircraft). He could also learn about model aircraft and even visit the facilities of the company Aero Services, Turgis & Gaillard, a maintenance company notably for private jets.

First flights

After the afternoon storm, parachute baptisms and various flights were able to resume. Observing the ballet of the flying machines, there was Yohann, who came from Vineuil with his wife Florence and his three children, Alicia, Bryan and Élise. “I had already come a few years ago for a flight with a friend who has a plane. These open days were an opportunity to come back! »

Baptisms, particularly parachute, are offered.

Baptisms, particularly parachute, are offered.
© (Photo NR, Alexis Couturier)

Near him was Gérard Lange, from the La Maugerie ULM company. The man offers baptisms all weekend at a price of €50 for 15 minutes. A budget. But the public can also try their luck to leave their visit with a free voucher for a first flight. “A raffle allows you to win more than ten”underlined the communications and development manager of the aerodrome.

Free entry Sunday May 19, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Blois-Le Breuil aerodrome, RD957 in Villefrancoeur.

(1) There are no commercial lines in operation.



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