Observations from Bayern Munich’s poetic 4-2 defeat to Hoffenheim

Observations from Bayern Munich’s poetic 4-2 defeat to Hoffenheim
Observations from Bayern Munich’s poetic 4-2 defeat to Hoffenheim

Battered Bayern Munich have managed to complete a woeful 2023/24 season and fittingly threw away a two-goal lead to lose 4-2 to Hoffenheim on the last day. Uli Hoeneß once said second place is secured, but in Bayern’s case it is third place that has been secured.

A rowdy start

Scoring twice in the space of two minutes, within the first six minutes, is something that does not happen normally. Throw in bungled defending from Bayern to allow Hoffenheim a goal for 2-1, and three more after that, and you can see why this season has ended up in the dust.

The worn off adrenaline rush

Early on in the game, both teams keep on trading blows and have come close to scoring. Neither side could keep possession for an extended period before the run of play shifts. Like One Direction said: “I’ve got no control, no control. Powerless (Neuer on Hoffenheim’s goals), and I don’t care it’s obvious…”

In the end, Bayern ended up showing the mediocrity that has plagued their season.

Nicolas Jackson in disguise

For some reason known only to them, a handful of Bayern players all missed sitters in an attempt to quell Hoffenheim’s advances in search of an equalizer. Thomas Müller, Leon Goretzka, and others all sacked off their finishing for the season.

Why is Alphonso Davies only performing now?

Alphonso Davies has been linked with a move to Real Madrid for the longest time until recently when the impending move fell apart. Before then a lot of fans can see the sheer drop-off in his performances. Now, you’re hearing stuff like “Davies continues his good run of form”. Good for him, but only doing this just so you don’t end up homeless in the summer will certainly rub people the wrong way. If Davies does continue to play for Bayern, he better match or exceed his form from the 2019/20 season.

Looking for more thoughts and analysis on Bayern Munich’s terrible collapse against Hoffenheim in the season’s final match? What about some commentary on Thomas Tuchel’s bizarre starting XI, how the game played out, and why there is a heck of a lot of uncertainty ahead for Bayern Munich? Well, we have you covered with our Bavarian Podcast Works — Postgame Show, which is available on Spotify or below:



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