everything we know about the robbery of the Harry Winston jewelry store on avenue Montaigne

everything we know about the robbery of the Harry Winston jewelry store on avenue Montaigne
everything we know about the robbery of the Harry Winston jewelry store on avenue Montaigne

LThe flight was completed in record time. In Paris, the Harry Winston jewelry store, located avenue Montaigne in 8e district, was robbed. It was 11:40 a.m. this Saturday when several individuals entered the store with long weapons. According to information from Parisian, two motorcycles and a black car, which were arriving from the Champs-Élysées, simulated a collision in front of the doors of the store, before “three or four men in helmets” came out. The latter would then have rushed on the windows of the jewelry store to break them. In all, nine of them were broken.

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Present inside the jewelry store, the employees managed to find refuge in an office. A customer, present on site at the time of the incident, was shocked. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. Once their loot was in their pocket, the criminals fled on board two “trail” type motorcycles, while one of the robbers fired at least one shot into the air, according to several witnesses at the scene. .

Avenue Montaigne closed to traffic for a time

Avenue Montaigne, considered one of the most chic in the capital, was therefore closed to traffic for a large part of the morning between the palace Plaza Athénée and the corner of rue François-Ier. The police have in fact set up a security perimeter to allow investigators to make the first observations, particularly on the car used by the robbers. Several testimonies were collected on site and door-to-door visits were made to neighboring luxury boutiques to advance the investigation, entrusted to the Brigade for the Repression of Banditry of the Paris judicial police, indicated the Paris prosecutor’s office at Parisian. Images from surveillance cameras, present in large numbers in the area, will also be used to gather valuable clues.

READ ALSO Paris: a luxury boutique robbed, 600,000 euros in damageAlthough the amount of the stolen loot will not be known for several days, it could already amount to several million euros, according to a police Source. In 2007 and 2008, the Harry Winston jewelry store had already been the subject of a double robbery. At the time, 900 pieces of jewelry were stolen for a total loss of 78.9 million euros.



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