Russia has discovered a reserve of 511 billion barrels of oil to exploit in Antarctica

Russian authorities have discovered gigantic hydrocarbon reserves in the Antarctic.


Cold War and global warming

Natural reserves of hydrocarbons were discovered by the Russians in British Antarctica.

Russian authorities have discovered gigantic hydrocarbon reserves in the Antarctic, which represent the equivalent of 511 billion barrels of oil, according to the editorial staff of The Telegraph newspaper. These nature reserves would be located in British Antarctica.

According to The Telegraph, these 511 billion barrels represent “10 times the total production from the North Sea over 50 years”.

The Antarctic Treaty of 1961 prohibits the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in this region of the world.

Russia has said it is not breaking international law. This research was carried out by the vessel Alexander Karpinsky, chartered by Rosgeo, the agency responsible for identifying new geological reserves for commercial purposes, according to Le Figaro.

This research would only be “scientific”, according to the Russian authorities.

The United Kingdom fears that the treaty will be circumvented by the Russians.

Next May, the annual meeting of the Antarctic Treaty States will take place in India.

This discovery could change the future of this text. Any committed State can withdraw its signature and no longer be subject to the commitments of the treaty.

In February 2024, the Russians decided to suspend their financial participation in the Arctic Council.



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