Arsenal dreams of seeing Manchester City fall from their pedestal

Arsenal dreams of seeing Manchester City fall from their pedestal
Arsenal dreams of seeing Manchester City fall from their pedestal

“Everyone would love to be in our shoes, that’s for sure. At the same time, is it going to be easy? Absolutely not,” warned Pep Guardiola, coach crowned five times in the last six seasons. The Spaniard has “the feeling that it will be like Aston Villa”, the last decisive match of the 2021-2022 season, won 3-2 after being led 2-0. “We would like to lead 3-0 after ten minutes but that won’t happen,” he warned, predicting “a difficult match.”

Manchester City holds the Premier League as the apple of their eye, especially after letting the Champions League slip away in the quarter-finals. However, he remains on eight successive victories and has not lost since December 6 in the championship. Arsenal is the only team that has managed to keep up the pace in 2024, with 14 wins, a deserving draw at City (0-0) and a setback, 2-0 at Villa Park, as the only hitch. Without this being enough, for the moment, to overtake the infernal machine piloted by Erling Haaland and others.

David Moyes, Arteta’s hope

Don’t tell Mikel Arteta, however, that the game is over. “If I don’t believe it today, imagine what it would have been like in August. Because with what they’ve done in the last 12, 13 years as a club, and what we’ve done in the last 20 years in the Premier League, we wouldn’t have a chance,” the manager said. of the “Gunners”.

With the players, “the only discussion is ‘ok, we have to give ourselves the opportunity to have a great day on Sunday, where the dream is still alive’. It’s possible, it’s football,” he insisted.

The Spaniard, appointed at the end of 2019, is hoping for a boost from West Ham and David Moyes, the coach who introduced him to the Premier League as a player in 2005 at Everton. Betting on a relaxation of the Mancunians in their Etihad stadium, an undefeated citadel since November 2022 in the Premier League, nevertheless seems a daring bet.

Emmanuel Adebayor, former Togolese striker for the “Gunners”, doesn’t believe it. “I think you already know who’s going to win. It’s City, of course. Unfortunately for Arsenal, they have the strongest team in England facing them,” he said on the sidelines of a FIFA friendly tournament in Bangkok.

Newcastle and Manchester United: two clubs for one European ticket

Champion or not, the current Arsenal team has managed to re-enchant its supporters with a flamboyant game which has revived the hope of a first title since 2004, that of Arsène Wenger’s “Invincibles”. Recovering the luster of yesteryear is still an unfinished project for Manchester United. The team of Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford enters the final day in eighth place, with a negative goal difference (-3), and risks not playing in Europe next season.

We will have to win at Brighton on Sunday to at least hope to grab 7th place (perhaps qualifying for the Conference League), currently held by Newcastle with the same number of points. Finishing outside the top 7 would be a first since 1990, and a real disaster for coach Erik ten Hag, even if there is still an FA Cup final to play, on May 25, against City.



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