Binance helps Taiwan dismantle $6.2 million cryptocurrency laundering operation.

Binance and Taiwan disrupt cryptocurrency laundering ring

The illicit scheme, valued at nearly NT$200 million, involved sophisticated tactics to launder funds obtained illegally using cryptocurrencies. The perpetrators created fake transfer receipts, identification documents, and chat recordings to avoid regulatory detection. The Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office charged nine individuals with money laundering, aggravated fraud and organized crime under the Money Laundering Control Law and other relevant regulations.

Lo Wei-yuan, a prosecutor with the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office, led the indictment. The investigation benefited significantly from the expertise of the Binance Financial Crimes Compliance Department (BFCC), which played a crucial role in uncovering the illegal activities. The BFCC, comprised of professionals from technology, banking, law enforcement and intelligence, provided vital assistance in tracking and decoding fraudulent transactions.

Binance, Champion of Cryptocurrency Regulations and Compliance

Binance’s commitment to regulatory compliance and financial crime prevention was instrumental in this transaction. Following an urgent request for assistance, Binance hosted a cross-border online meeting with investigators and prosecutors, facilitating the development of a comprehensive strategy to combat the money laundering network. This proactive stance reflects Binance’s commitment to combating financial crimes both locally and globally.

In addition to its involvement in this investigation, Binance is registered with the Taiwan Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) and complies with the Anti-Money Laundering Control Act. This listing highlights Binance’s commitment to integrating regulatory standards and strengthening the security and reputation of its platform.

Taiwan Strengthens Cryptocurrency Regulations by End of 2024

As Taiwan prepares to implement stricter regulations on cryptocurrencies by mid-2024, the recent crackdown on the money laundering operation marks a proactive step towards strengthening control over the cryptocurrency market. Huang Tianzhu, Chairman of the FSC, spoke out on concerns about illicit activities associated with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. In response, the FSC plans to step up supervision of cryptocurrency exchanges and impose tougher penalties for non-compliance.

Currently, ten companies operate as virtual currency trading platforms in Taiwan. Regulatory authorities are focused on reducing the risks associated with trading of virtual assets by non-compliant entities. These efforts aim to create a safe and transparent cryptocurrency market in Taiwan, thereby protecting investors and strengthening the integrity of the financial system.

The proposed regulations are designed to strengthen investor protection and ensure uniformity in financial practices. The FSC’s initiative to implement these rules is part of a broader effort to foster a more secure and transparent cryptocurrency trading environment.


Binance’s collaboration with Taiwanese authorities to dismantle a $6.2 million money laundering operation highlights the crucial role of platforms in enforcing cryptocurrency regulations and preventing financial crimes. This move not only demonstrates Binance’s commitment to compliance, but it also sets a precedent for the type of cooperation needed between private companies and regulators to ensure the integrity of the cryptocurrency market.

As Taiwan moves toward stricter regulations, the collaboration between Binance and local authorities serves as a model for effective enforcement and the development of a secure and transparent digital asset ecosystem. This case highlights the importance of regulatory compliance and proactive measures in combating financial crimes in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

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