Ferne Sanctuary’s May Celebration to raise funds for urgent appeal

Ferne Sanctuary’s May Celebration to raise funds for urgent appeal
Ferne Sanctuary’s May Celebration to raise funds for urgent appeal

Taking place this upcoming bank holiday, Ferne Animal Sanctuary’s May Celebration fundraising event is being held in celebration of wildlife and all it has to offer, hosting a range of immersive experiences across the stunning 72-acre site.

The event line-up includes a variety of engaging animal activities and countryside adventures, designed to educate, entertain, and inspire visitors of all ages with proceeds supporting the Ferne Animal Sanctuary urgent appeal.

Curious creature lovers can look forward to animal activities at the Creative Corner, such as exploring Ferne Animal Sanctuary’s diverse pond life, including baby newts, pond snails, beetle larvae, and water boatmen.

The Creative Corner will also be leading guided wildlife walks for exclusive insight into various wildlife species that call Ferne Animal Sanctuary home, including a tour of the bug hotels, nicknamed ‘Fernehenge’.

Adventure loving wildlife fans will be welcomed to join interactive sessions offering the opportunity to learn wilderness survival skills to mastering the art of den building and tree identification.

Ferne Animal Sanctuary is excited to welcome local businesses, Ollie Dogs and Friends, and Dantyllewishes at the May Celebration event, offering an array of wildlife photography taken in Somerset and Devon.

Every visit to the May Celebration supports Ferne Animal Sanctuary’s mission to provide care, shelter, and love to animals in need.

The event will take place on Monday, May 27.

Tickets cost £5 per adult and £1 per child.

Kevan Hodges, chief executive officer at Ferne Animal Sanctuary, expresses his enthusiasm for the upcoming event, said: “We’re excited to invite the local community and beyond to our first May Celebration event, dedicated to delivering wildlife education, exploration, and enjoyment for all the family.

“Join us this May bank holiday as we celebrate our countryside surroundings and the animals that inhabit it. Every ticket sold is a life-changing chance for the animals we care for.”

Ferne Animal Sanctuary is a non-government-funded charity that has provided refuge and rehabilitation to its animals for more than 80 years.



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