550 requests for intervention in Liège, “worst floods in the history of Fourons”: update on bad weather (videos)

550 requests for intervention in Liège, “worst floods in the history of Fourons”: update on bad weather (videos)
550 requests for intervention in Liège, “worst floods in the history of Fourons”: update on bad weather (videos)

Firefighters and civil protection are still on site Saturday morning and have started water pumping operations. Debris present in the streets will also be removed.

Residents who were evacuated from their homes during the night from Friday to Saturday can now return to their homes, the Limburg municipality announced on its Facebook page on Saturday morning. “The water level of the Berwinne and Voer rivers has fallen. In most of the streets, the water has largely receded,” we can read. However, the municipality calls on people to remain cautious.

General power outage

The village of Mouland (Moelingen), in the commune of Fourons, was affected by a general power outage last night. According to the Belga agency, it was still partly without power at 8 a.m. this Saturday. The Fluvius network manager is on site to restore the situation as quickly as possible. “If the electrical box has been flooded, the main switch must absolutely be/remain off. Fluvius will go to the site to restore electricity safely,” insists the municipality. She also “urges” to report the presence of fuel oil in the basement and to wait for the firefighters to visit for the inspection.

It is recommended to avoid Mouland. Only family members and friends of the residents concerned will be authorized to go there, adds the Limburg municipality. This also applies to the Route from Mouland to Fouron-le-Comte.

Due to flooding, the E25 motorway near Les Fourons was also closed in both directions at 6 a.m. this Saturday morning.

Liège in crisis, firefighters intervene

Around 550 requests for intervention were recorded during the night from Friday to Saturday in the province of Liège, announced Governor Hervé Jamar on Saturday morning. No injuries or casualties have been reported. The governor triggered the provincial crisis management phase on Friday evening around 10 p.m.

According to its services, some 150 firefighters were mobilized for hundreds of interventions reported during the night from Friday to Saturday in the province of Liège. The Vesdre-Hoëgne-Plateau emergency zone, with 350 interventions according to the count of the Public Service of Wallonia, and that of Liège were particularly in demand. The interventions mainly concerned pumping operations. After being stopped in the middle of the night, they resumed Saturday morning in the necessary places.

The governor of the province of Liège specifies that no injuries or victims have been reported and that all the people who had to leave their homes have found accommodation with those around them.

According to Hervé Jamar, water is decreasing everywhere. The A25 motorway, flooded near Visé, can soon be reopened, he further assures. A meeting of the coordination committee must be held on Saturday morning to consider the next measures to be taken.

Red alert in France

In France, the Moselle (north-east) was placed on red flood alert in the early hours of Saturday by Météo-France, due to a risk of “exceptional flooding” of the Nieds rivers.

“The very heavy rains observed since the night of Thursday to Friday and are currently causing a rapid rise in the rivers of Nieds”, specifies Météo-France, which maintains Bas-Rhin, Vosges and Meurthe-et-Moselle on raw orange vigilance.

Vigicrues reports a “direct and generalized threat to the security of people and property”.

The weather forecast for the next few days

In Belgium, the weather will be gray on Saturday morning, with some temporary light rain at the start in regions close to the French border. Over the eastern half, frequent (dense) fog will gradually dissipate. According to the Royal Meteorological Institute, the weather will then become generally dry in the afternoon, with clear spells appearing, but also with thunderstorms (sometimes intense), especially in the eastern part of the country. In the west, the weather will generally remain dry.

The maximums will range between 13 and 15 degrees in the Ardennes and will reach up to 21 degrees in the north and northeast. The wind will be light to moderate from the northwest.

Saturday evening and the first part of the following night, the weather will be variable with heavy showers (stormy) still possible in places, but also large clearings. Then, low clouds, mist and fog will form and can sometimes limit visibility. The minimums will be between 8 and 11 degrees in a light wind.

Sunday morning will be gray with low clouds, mist and fog in many places. Once the gray weather has dissipated, sunny spells will form, but they will alternate with showers inland and may again be accompanied by thunderstorms. At the sea, the weather will remain dry and become sunny during the day. The maxima will oscillate between 16 or 17 degrees on the Ardennes heights and 21 degrees elsewhere. The wind will often be light to moderate.



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