what we know about these 2016 images revealed by CNN

what we know about these 2016 images revealed by CNN
what we know about these 2016 images revealed by CNN
Screenshot In this screenshot from images revealed by CNN, P. Diddy is visible several times as he chases his former partner down a hotel corridor.


In this screenshot from images revealed by CNN, P. Diddy is visible several times as he chases his former partner down a hotel corridor.

UNITED STATES – Unleashing violence. Caught up since 2023 by numerous accusations of rape, sexual exploitation and physical and psychological violence, the American rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs, better known as P. Diddy, this time sees images of his actions emerging.

This Friday, May 17, the American channel CNN revealed and broadcast a montage of video surveillance images where we can see “Puff Daddy” beating his ex-partner, the singer “Cassie” Ventura. Here is what we know about these images which put the rapper’s recent trial back in the spotlight.

· InterContinental Hotel

The images revealed and authenticated by CNN and relayed on social networks show a scene of rare violence. They date from March 5, 2016 and show “ Cassie » moving down a hallway at the InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles. In these images, she is seen wearing a hooded coat and jeans and carrying a handbag and a travel bag.

But the rest of the montage allows us to see P. Diddy appear in a corridor and run towards the R&B singer. Arrived behind his back, “Diddy”dressed in a simple towel, attacks her from behind, violently grabbing her by the neck before throwing her to the ground and kicking her several times.

The scene continues with the American rapper picking up his former partner’s belongings before dragging her by the hood or the collar of her coat towards another corridor of the hotel. On other surveillance images of the place, we see “ Cassie » standing up with difficulty, before gathering his things and using a service telephone near an elevator.

As for P. Diddy, the montage revealed by CNN also shows him alone, sitting on a channel in a corridor of the Californian hotel. Filmed through a mirror, we then see him throwing decorative objects in the direction of “ Cassie », without it being visible in the image.

· Illustration of the complaint

These chilling images are linked to an already well-known legal case. Indeed, a civil complaint filed in New York last November by “ Cassie » Ventura described in particular a particularly violent physical assault in a hotel in 2016, in addition to an accusation of rape in 2018 and acts of violence and “ deviance » for almost a decade.

However, this civil complaint was settled ” amicably “, less than 24 hours after being filed, according to a confidential agreement, the details of which remain unknown.

Before the agreement, P. Diddy denied all the charges against him and had not been criminally charged. However, his former partner’s lawyer confirmed to New York Times that the woman present in the images of this montage indeed represents “ Cassie »

This “Stomach-turning video only confirms Mr. Combs’ predatory behavior”thus denounced, Douglas Wigdor, who salutes the ” courage “ of his client. The lawyer also confirmed that the video footage matched the allegations in the November trial.

· Black sequence

These new revelations about the behavior of the 54-year-old billionaire rapper are far from being new. And as the reminder New York Times Sean Combs is the subject of several lawsuits by at least two women and a producer for acts of rape and sexual touching.

The hip-hop star is also under federal investigation for human trafficking and sexual exploitation, including forced sex with male prostitutes.

His homes had been the subject of searches in California and Florida, but he always defended himself against these accusations, described elsewhere as“Disgusting allegations” from people looking to make easy money. P. Diddy’s lawyer, for his part, mentioned a “ witch hunt ” with a “gross overuse of military force” during searches of his client’s homes.

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