the body dismembered by the husband, the trail of marital murder advanced?

the body dismembered by the husband, the trail of marital murder advanced?
the body dismembered by the husband, the trail of marital murder advanced?

A scene of horror. The lifeless body of Laura Trappeniers was discovered at sea in Tenerife on Saturday April 27. The 66-year-old retiree was missing with her husband Marc Olbrechts, 71. The latter has still been actively sought by the police for almost a month..

Originally from Belgium, the couple have lived on the Spanish island of Tenerife for sixteen years. The couple was last seen on Wednesday, April 22. “Neighbors saw them leaving on foot for a yoga class in the village on Monday evening,” says Laura’s best friend, in the columns of the Belgian newspaper 7sur7.

In the evening, the alarm in the marital home goes off but the security company is unable to contact the couple. They then contact trusted third parties, who have not heard anything either. Very worried, relatives sounded the alert the next day.

The couple were supposed to go to a yoga class but it turns outthey never set foot there. Another disturbing fact, the cleaning man reports that a side door is wide open and the bathroom light is still on. The couple’s car has disappeared.while Laura’s keys and cell phone remained inside the home. “She would never have left the house without these objects. Normally, she always has them with her,” confides a friend.

The couple also used to entrust their cat when they went out. However, he was not taken care of by anyone.

Laura’s body found dismembered

The body of the retiree was found on Saturday April 27, in the open seain the municipality of Arico, in about fifty kilometers from Callao Salvaje, where the couple lives. Dismembered, missing both legs and one hand. His head was covered with a plastic bag.

Discovered by a fisherman, the body in an advanced state of putrefaction, had already spent between 2 to 4 days in the water, according to the forensic examination. But while the Guardia Civil, the Spanish gendarmerie, communicates very little information. What are the avenues mentioned?

The trail of marital murder

In the Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, the journalist specializing in criminal affairs, José Masschelin, spoke about the case. Based on the information to date, he estimates thatit is highly likely that her husband is involved. “It seems very plausible to me that the husband, that is to say Marc, is the author of the crime. That he killed his wife Laura and then committed suicide. Or that he wanted to kill himself, but didn’t have the courage to do it at the last minute.”

While the life of this retired couple seemed peaceful, what could be the motive of this 71-year-old man? “If the husband is the culprit, I think it is more likely that he killed because their marital happiness was in danger of collapsing due to illness – mental or physical – in his or her home. Depression should not be underestimated: it can push people to do things you wouldn’t think possible,” explains José Masschelin.

A murder in order to start a new life?

According to the expert, José Masschelin would not have this in order to rebuild his life. “This seems very unlikely to me. The man is 71 years old: I know few septuagenarians who discover a new flame and who would kill their own wife to get married,” underlines the writer.

A murder committed by the mafia?

The hypothesis of a crime committed by the mafia was also raised. But according to the journalist, this lead does not hold water. “Marc Olbrechts was a painter, and certainly not a mafioso. In the mafia, the victim is shot and generally left behind to leave a message. While here, it is clear that a lot of effort was made to hide the corpse”, he concludes.




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