“Furiosa: a Mad Max saga”: Anya Taylor-Joy as a road warrior in a sequel that goes a bit in circles

“Furiosa: a Mad Max saga”: Anya Taylor-Joy as a road warrior in a sequel that goes a bit in circles
“Furiosa: a Mad Max saga”: Anya Taylor-Joy as a road warrior in a sequel that goes a bit in circles

A heartbreaking story, a charismatic young actor (Mel Gibson) as a cop on the trail of the bikers who murdered his wife and son, unbridled and unapologetic violence: Miller multiplies the stakes by 300 on a modest budget which leads to a first trilogy, punctuated in 1985.

In the footsteps of Charlize Theron

Thirty years later, in 2015 he appeared on the Cannes red carpet Mad Max Fury Road, a frenzied revisitation of his universe where a woman and an actress – Furiosa and Charlize Theron – took the wheel and stole the spotlight from his tired hero. New card and, from the outset, a new idea: centering a film on the road warrior.

A little less than ten years later, it’s done, still with the Croisette as a launching pad. Charlize Theron gave way to the younger Anya Taylor-Joy since this sequel is a story of origins.

Where we learn how Furiosa was taken from her family and exchanged by the gang of Dementus (Chris Hemsworth) to that of the despot Immortan Joe (Lachy Hulme). Jack, a road mercenary (Tom Burke), will allow the young woman to emancipate herself while seeking revenge on her mother’s murderers.

So much for the plot. The saga is always fueled by action, pyrotechnics and the cascades of rusty and tuned cars unleashed under the incandescent sun of the bush.

Darker tone

The film does its job with a darker tone than Fury Road. Like bikers circling around one of their prey, the opus goes a bit in circles. His only inventiveness consists of imagining new variations of his obligatory passages (the attack on the tanker truck).

It alternates between the best (a very good, breathtaking prologue), the superficial (Hemsworth, mutt), the predictable (the ending is written)… Conversely, the insert of an extract from the “suite” in the end credits reminds us how much Fury Road was superior.

Anya Taylor-Joy is left waiting for Furiosa to reach adulthood. This done, she invests the character with the nihilism of circumstance. The interaction between the young woman and Jack leads to a relationship between brotherhood and romance but also underlines that the episode needed its “road warrior” in the absence of a Mad Max.

Tom Burke’s Jack narrowly misses stealing the spotlight from his partner. If by chance it continues to be a success, the saga would almost have the hero of a future prequel. Almost…


Furiosa: a Mad Max saga Action Of George Miller Scenario George Miller and Nico Lathouris With Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Hemsworth, Alyla Browne, Tom Burke,… 2:28 a.m.



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