this municipality is committed to the fight against the consumption of “laughing gas”

A major public health problem. To combat the misuse of nitrous oxide, the commune of Colomiers, near Toulouse, implements information and awareness actions among young people throughout the year. It notably recalls the effects and dangers of such a practice.

A “laughing gas” with serious consequences

Sold as cartridges or bombsthe “proto” or “laughing gas” is very popular with middle school, high school and university students.

Its misuse consists of gas through a balloon, after having “cracked” the cartridge to open it. Cheap and easy to obtain, this addictive substance causes rapid, fleeting, euphoric effectA “floating” stateas well as sensory distortions.

And yet, its repeated consumption at short intervals and/or in large doses can cause more or less serious effects on health and social life. For several years, the number of serious cases linked to this practice has increased.

Address the misuse of nitrous oxide

Faced with the urgency implied by this phenomenon, the Colomiers municipal police intervenes in the public domain to inform and raise awareness among young people of the dangers of such consumption.

In addition, the municipality also deploys the campaign of communication “The proto, it’s too risky to laugh about it” on its display network and within schools, medical practices and municipal services.

Furthermore, a municipal decree was taken to ban the recreational use of nitrous oxide on public property. In the event of a breach, people may be subject to a fine provided for in article R610-5 of the penal code.

People who wish to be supported and/or talk to a loved one about their consumption can contact the 0800 23 13 13 or go to the website

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